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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column with a growing understanding of what it must be like to live inside a snow globe.You know what we mean one of those souvenir tchotchkes with something like a miniature Alamo or Empire State Building inside that you can shake to create an internal blizzard.Weve been getting the idea lately Summit County is actually a cosmic snow globe toy, and every few days the giant unseen hand of a giant unseen child reaches down to give us a good shake.Isnt it cool, the way I can make it snow? the annoying kid asks his equally annoying friends.Cool for him, maybe. And cool maybe for the tiny number of skiing and riding diehards who prefer endless winter. We hope theyre happy. They could be just as happy in New Zealand or Argentina, though, where its supposed to be winter now.We resolved several weeks ago to stop complaining about the weather.So, were not complaining here, really were not. What good would it do anyway? Truly were grateful not to have any devastating cyclones or earthquakes (knock on wood) up here in the High Country.We admit were glad we have a vehicle and our taxpayer dollars have allowed CDOT to build roads that run out of the county. Because of these blessings, we were able to stick our noses into some blooming lilacs in Denver.We saw green. We wore shorts. Our friends who have more time and money are scattered to the four winds at the moment: Mexico, Thailand, Chile, etc. We even have one friend whos leaving for Norway next week. Were not sure if the weather will be much better there, but at least shell have more oxygen.Sitting still in our Summit County snow globe finally drove us into the study of psychology, and we ran across the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Years ago, she developed a general outline for the stages of grief. The different emotions associated with loss tend to follow the same pattern in most people, she said. In a nutshell, they go something like this: Denial This isnt really happening; Anger It just isnt fair; Bargaining Ill do anything, just let him live until Christmas; Depression It doesnt matter anyway, life sucks; and finally, Acceptance I guess itll be okay.We think fulltime Summit County residents have experienced a similar process this year in their relationship with the weather. Our feelings havent been static theyve evolved over time. With a nod to Kubler-Ross, wed describe the pattern as follows:1. Delight This is the kind of snow I moved here for. I love it!2. Irritation Im sick of shoveling. Enough already!3. Depression Whats the use? Im just going to stay inside and watch Law & Order reruns for 24 straight hours4. Fugue (known in some circles as Spring Run-off) I gotta get outahere!! How do people live like this?!?!?5. Amusement Wow, its snowing on May 15! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!Just like the stages of grief, some unfortunates get stuck in a particular phase. Those sitting in third-stage Depression could probably use whatever drug the first-stage Delight people must be taking. To us, second-stage Irritation and final-stage Amusement seem to be the norm. Were not absolutely sure about that, though. Anyone stuck in the Fourth-stage fugue is, after all, long gone back to wherever they came from.We know that weve personally passed through the first four this winter and now sit solidly in Amusement. Really, you have to laugh. It reminds us of what a friend of ours told us about the nature of great change:At first it gets terrible, he said. And then it gets funny.***Its Friday, and were out, rolling in the snow and laughing our butts off. E-mail us

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