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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has somehow created and trapped itself in a web of weird cosmic energy that can only be described as wrong.It started with willfully stupid and self-destructive things that took on a life of their own. Soon, we wanted bigger and better thrills – and to be clear, we are not talking about substance abuse of any kind, really more of a psychic melodrama. It became habitual, even addictive, and if we didn’t get our dose every day, well, we just weren’t living. Aside from the hollowed out feeling we had once we recognized where we were headed, we also realized we were hurting others, those closest to us and who depend on us. And that karma started coming back at us, with more of the same, but big-time, looming around the corner. We should probably send out a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! to ourselves. Ouch!It’s still sinking in, but we realized that we needed a drastic change of course. We’re looking for major upgrades in the top floor. Hello! Time start thinking with our higher chakras again.

So we have a self-help plan, and someone to help us work on it. It’s not perfect, but we’re glad to say it won’t require medication, at least not the chemical kind. We’re thinking more along the lines of exercise, diet, intentional living, and trying to recapture that part of our soul that carried some spiritual mojo, or at least an openness to the good side of the force, as Obi Wan would say. We used to feel that all the time and somewhere along the way we threw it away. We miss it, and we are going to get it back!In the meantime, look for us to climb mountains and learn to love ourselves again. We’re tired of it. We’re not sure how or why we let seeds of bitterness sprout into arrogance and selfishness at the expense of the positive qualities that we value, but we are going to figure it out and make it right. We are going to weed that garden, folks, and make it bloom again. We are going to do the right thing and make penance.***Meanwhile, we have an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! that ties right into this karmic wheel, as Mark wrote to tell us about some kind people who returned his wallet. While Mark was enjoying the thrills of the movie with his son he may have squirrned around in his seat too much, so his wallet apparently worked its way out of his pants.Mark writes: “I noticed right away once home and called. I spoke with Mike who said he found it himself minutes ago. Kudos to Mike and the whole staff … it is a safe place. Thanks and karma points to all involved!!!”

We couldn’t agree more and are hereby issuing today’s first official Angel Alert! And a set of angel wings that this month come in gold, platinum or pearly gauze, take your pick. That’s the way to live.***We are getting some great nature shots from our readers, and a few black and white images really caught our eye, so one of them appears, hopefully, somewhere on this page. Lynzie Flynn, of Silverthorne, sent the Peak One shot, and we say, good eye, Lynzie, good eye.***We get more and more Smarty Pants alerts this time of year, too, what with graduation and scholarship season upon us, so we’re sending out a velvet fedora hats-off to Evan Serling, of Breckenridge, who earned an academic and art scholarship to Hasting College in Nebraska.

Evan’s parents, Tim and Linda, also attended Summit High, and they’re proud of their son, along with the rest of their friends and neighbors. Not only that, but our blurb tells us that Hastings is a top-rated and top-value liberal arts around. You go, Evan!***We out, tilling weeds. E-mail us at

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