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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column saying, “We’re getting squeezed!” on space. Oh well. These advertisers on this page do pay for our tidy little cottages up in the hills, not to mention the occasional barbecue at the corporate suites.That said, we have to get right down to it today. We wanted to rave about the turnout from town cleanup day last weekend. Hundreds turned out, and we can tell! We even saw a few folks cleaning around our building, and just wanted to give out a big thanks to them for making the world a better place.

That said, what would a kudos from Summit Up be without a little preaching, right? Our goal, which we’d like to pass along to others, is to spend 30 minutes each week cleaning up the county. Things like picking up trash, throwing away cigarette butts or just sweeping the sidewalk makes us feel good, and we figure, why just do it once per year! We hope others joining our pledge. Keep Summit County clean!***

We have an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! going out from Mike, who wrote: “I would like to thank all the people who came to my aid on Sunday morning. I was pulling into the Stan Miller, Inc. yard on my new motor cycle when the front tire kicked out from underneath me spilling me onto the highway. Thanks to my HELMET I was saved from a major head injury. The ER doctor who stopped in front of my bike saving it from further damage and checked me for head injuries was great. Thanks go out to the three guys from Red, White, and Blue, Bill, Mike, and Eric, who were so concerned for my well being and the two Summit County Road and Bridge guys who stopped and Mike A. from SMI and the Sheriff, too, and can I get the name and phone number of the beautiful woman who also asked to help? You are all angels. I ache but I’m doing fine. Thanks to my HELMET and all of your help! Peace, Mike.”Wings and halos … and please learn from Mike’s helmet.

***It’s Wednesday, and we’re out walking around in the sunshine. E-mail us at

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