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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column wondering why were not excited about Obama and McCain swinging by our state next week.Oh wait. We know exactly why were not excited. Theyve been speaking for the last six months straight without fail, as if they were talking dolls with an infinitely long pull-string. Hillarys apparently just ran out (Hit the ground running, hit the ground running, hit the ground running, hit the … you get the idea). But the other two fellas just keep finding the will to fire up their vocal chords and bore us to death about political agendas nobody expects them to actually keep.Now, give us a month or two, including a small break from the nonstop blathering of network pundits, and we might feel a little better about the lessers of two evils flying into Colorado. In fact, it could be to our advantage.One of our field agents wondered if McCain and Obama would bring all the hot air they tend to spew up to the mountains for a couple days, just so we could enjoy a little break from the wintery snow. We doubt they will be so kind.Most likely, theyll land at DIA, pick a spot with the mountains in the background and wax political on the environment, the economy and the need for all of us to visit their websites, wallets in hand, to donate to the cause. That hot air will most likely just dry out the front plains even more, increasing the fire danger and the need for our High Country water supply.Sigh.***Its Saturday, and were cleaning the mud out of our shoes. E-mail us at

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