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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that started wearing flip-flops and can’t stop.

When spring finally started to come out last weekend, we dug out the sleeveless shirts, shorts and our personal favorite, flip-flops. We flipped and flopped all around town last weekend, enjoying the sun and hoping we would start to form that awesome “V” tan line on the tops of our feet.

Unfortunately, the warm weather didn’t stick around too long (as we should have expected) and the snow started to fly once again the past couple of days. But, we just can’t seem to give up our flip-flop fetish.

There is just something about the Summer footwear that we can’t get enough of. If there wasn’t the threat of frostbite we would probably wear them year-round. They are just so easy to put on, comfy and remind us of walking along a warm, sandy beach.

The other morning we threw on a pair, despite the fact it was only 38 degrees out and snowing, and walked into a near-by coffee shop where we were greeted with some strange looks and whispers from fellow patrons.

We figured these people making snide remarks were probably just visiting for the holiday weekend because we are sure there are many other Summit County locals that can sympathize with us. It has been snowing and freezing for how long now? This is Summer, compared to what we have been through.

So, we figure we aren’t going to put the flip-flops away anytime soon. It will get warm sooner or later, and when it does, our feet will be dressed for the occasion.


Moving on, we wanted to jump for joy about some summer openings recently brought to our attention. The Tiki Bar at the Dillon Marina is now open for the season and the Frisco Bay Marina opened on Saturday. It may still be snowing from time to time but this county is going to have a summer regardless of the weather, way to go Summit County!


We out, wearing flip-flops and we don’t care who knows it. E-mail us at

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