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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column frustrated with macaroni and cheese boxes.

We were in the mood for some cheesy goodness the other night and the bright blue box in the back of the cupboard caught our eye like light shining down from the heavens.

“Ah yes, mac and cheese!” we thought with great enthusiasm. We got a little burnt out on mac and cheese after college so the decision to revisit an old favorite filled us with nostalgia.

We brought the box down from the cupboard and located the “To open push here” circle on the side of the box. So we pushed, and pushed, and pushed, but nothing happened.

“To open push here” is a classic example of design getting in the way of purpose.

The label on the side of the box makes us believe the task of pushing the perforated tab will be easy, but it’s not. Why not add some more perforations? Or maybe just instruct people to open the box the normal way, like from the top?

We would like to think we are not the only ones frustrated with this problem, and we have a few suggestions for what the tab should really say.

Maybe something along the lines of “Push here to feel incredibly weak,” or “Your thumbs are no match for this box top.”

In the end we took a knife and added a few more of our own perforations so we could actually see what it felt like to push through the cardboard and rip open the top.

We must say it was invigorating to finally claim victory over the small cardboard box that had given us so much grief, and the batch of mac and cheese never tasted so good.


We out on this Monday, purchasing food that doesn’t come in a box. E-mail us at

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