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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column confounded by the whimsy of amateur photographers.

Majestic snow caps peaking above mountains of pine are no doubt an alluring subject for the cross-country traveler itching to stretch the legs. But runaway truck ramps should never be mistaken for scenic pull-offs.

We witnessed such carelessness this weekend and found ourselves entertaining the potential ramifications over a caramel macchiato.


A truck hauling 400 hogs burns out its brake pads as it screams down from the Eisenhower Tunnel at 65-plus mph. There’s little warning as you stand in contemplation with your point-and-shoot atop the lower emergency ramp.

The trucker veers off the highway, where your sport utility vehicle is parked. Pandemonium ensues.

We also find ourselves bewildered by those who find the end of a tight curve to be an acceptable stop for snapshots. There are an abundance of turns in Summit County, but there are also plenty of fine opportunities out of harm’s way.

And we recommend keeping an eye on the road when negotiating our arterials. Giving in to the immense distractions can have devastating consequences, especially when bicycles are involved. So can failure to heed construction signs.

On a more cheerful note, meltoff is in progress. Soon hiking trails will open, allowing for frolicking and shooting photos in a more peaceful environment. We’ve been running in circles awaiting the chance to breathe forest air and shout from the rocky peaks.


We out this sunny Tuesday, crossing our fingers as we watch the snow melt off Peak 7. E-mail us at

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