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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column that worries that Memorial Day means the beginning of the end to the best part of mud season in Summit County, the 2-for-1.Lets face it, in a place where many of the locals work two (or more) jobs just to pay for housing and gas, eating out can be an extravagance. But when were tempted by so many delicious dining detours and we are truly fortunate here its difficult to stay home, eating ramen noodles and Hamburger Helper-sans-hamburger, night after night.The two-fer, then, is a wonderful opportunity to see how the other half lives and a kind gesture on behalf of the restaurateurs to the rest of us, including their own staffs, which otherwise would be counting napkins and longing for patrons.So to the folks at all of the restaurants who have participated in this rite of spring, we say thank you, thank you, thank you! For the rest of you, remember to tip your wait staff at the full-price rate, and remember to recommend these joints to the tourists! ***Summit Up wishes happy trails to Nicky DeFord, the face and voice of Breckenridge Ski Area and Vail Resorts for the past nine years. Nicky, who routinely breaks the sound barrier whilst zipping downhill on planks, heads off to work for the CU Foundation, which raises money for the Ivory Tower in Boulder. Alums, be prepared to be separated from lots of your hard-earned dollars, as Ms. DeFord can be somewhat persuasive and determined, and the J-School does need more endowments to prepare future Summit Up writers.***Its Thursday, and we out of here, looking for a tolerable dining companion with whom to enjoy the benefit of the two-fer. Write to us at if you know of any attractive, fun, smart single people. Were suckers for nice smiles and massage therapists.

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