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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column that keeps using the word gobbledygook without knowing how that word actually became a fixture in our modern vernacular.The word, as we learned on Friday, means what we thought: Something that is hard to understand. But its roots surprised us a bit. The first person to use it was U.S. Rep. Maury Maverick, a well-named Democrat from Texas who served in the 40s during World War II.He penned the word in a memo dated March 30, 1944, banning gobbledygook language and mock-threateaning, anyone using the words activation or implementation will be shot. Maverick said he made up the word in imitation of turkey noise.Anyway, we appreciate the gift Rep. Maverick (again, a great name) brought to our language. Alas, it seems we need to use the word more than ever with our federal government, so perhaps we need a new maverick in Congress to remind them about their legacy of gobbledygook.Oh, and on that note, were still wondering if anyones ever walked into a restaurant and ordered Condoleeza Rice just for giggles …***We got this note from a frustrated reader, who wrote: Get a mental picture in your head of a mom walking her child around the block for a nice stroll after dinner. Picture a big dog running up to them. Picture a little girls heart starting to race and fear overcoming her because she feels shes going to be eaten alive by this beast running toward her. Now picture that times three, since I have three little children. I love Summit County. I love to be outdoors with my husband and children. I love the fact that it is now springtime and I can enjoy a nice walk in the park or stroll around the block. But, one thing I dont love are dogs running up to me or my children. Please be a neighbor and keep your dog on a leash. I know its a pain and a burden. But its your responsibility as a pet owner (and the law).We agree. If youre cool, well be cool …***Summit Up, dear god, might have a date. Michael Harp e-mailed us this follow up to our request for a two-for-one date. He wrote: I do know of an attractive, fun, single person who definitely has a nice smile and has studied massage therapy. And of whom am I speaking? Cest Moi. As the song tells us, Im far too noble to lie. LOL. …Anyway, Im single (well, divorced) with no baggage to stand in the way of anything and gainfully employed as a supervisor with the Summit Stage. Oh, and Im male. Is that enough for now? I especially like the Briar Rose, Hearthstone and almost anything Italian or Mexican. Hope to hear back from you if I meet the eligibility requirements.Mike, since were a multi-gendered piece of paper with an identity crisis, well see …***Its Saturday, and were out cleaning our apartment. You know, sorting through the gobbledygook. E-mail us

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