Summit Up 2-11-11: The Keith Moon of daily newspaper columns |

Summit Up 2-11-11: The Keith Moon of daily newspaper columns


Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that loves drummers. We’ve always thought it would be cool to be a drummer, but the best we ever did was try guitar for a few weeks once and determine that it was really too hard on our dainty little fingers.

We’re thinking of drummers because Rolling Stone just came out with a list of reader votes for the top 10 drummers of all time. We always figured it was beyond dispute that the two greatest ever were Keith Moon of The Who and John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and indeed those were the two that came out on top in the poll (Bonham at No. 1 and Moon at No. 2, which we think is backwards but OK).

The list is rounded out by Neil Peart from Rush, Dave Grohl of Nirvana, Ringo Starr, Buddy Rich, Stewart Copeland of The Police, Ahmire Thompson from Roots, Ginger Baker of Cream and Santana’s Michael Shrieve.

Not sure about Ringo Starr but that’s a pretty good list of skin pounders. Send the name of your favorite drummer to Or not.


Here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Charlotte Clarke, who writes thusly:

“You know how sometimes life even in paradise can get you down? This happened to me last weekend. I was stressing, depressed and emotionally fragile over a whole set of things that had just occurred in my life. I went over to a neighbor’s house grasping for support. She was very kind but I was bawling and trying to hold myself together when her little 6-year-old girl, Koyana, came over to me with big liquid eyes – silently, gently handed me a pink balloon. I was so touched I bawled some more and said: ‘Oh Koya that is the sweetest thing anyone has EVER done for me … but this is YOUR balloon, please keep it.’ As I held out the balloon to her she just gently pushed my hand back to me. Never spoke a word.

“That balloon is hanging on my dining room chandelier and it cheers me and gives me hope due to the kindess of a 6-year-old girl. I am almost my old self again and Koyana Swezy is indeed an angel.”

Nice! There’s nothing like a bit of love from a little kid to help cheer one up. And it’s not easy for a 6-year-old to give up a balloon, so that’s really something.


And then there’s this regarding our Feb. 7 column about bro-bras:

“Thank you for helping raise awareness about the Skittle-thug threat. My colleagues and I would like to offer some additional information about this advancing population. Besides Skittle-thugs and lizard skins, they are also commonly known as bro-bras and officially the sub-species is called the Rocky Mountain Steezalope (‘Steeze’ is the amalgamation of ‘style and ease’ which is ironic since most people don’t consider clowns stylish, and as you mentioned keeping their pants up seems anything but easy). You are right to think the bright baggy clothes are a mating tactic; after honing in on some non-complementary colors at the bar, a steezalope then proceeds to stuff as many mates as possible inside his own baggy clothing, so he can later bring them home. Often running in packs, the steezalope can be easily identified by its call, usually something like, ‘whats up bra-ah-ah-ah-ah?!’ (think of a sheep when pronouncing this). For the most part steezalopes aren’t dangerous, although their frequently disrespectful demeanor has been known to instigate fights. Just don’t look them directly in their enormous goggles, and make sure to protect your own eyes when observing their outlandish winter coats. Following these tips you and the steezalope can coexist without issue.”

Thanks for that, Joe K. and Team Summit County Strange Animal Tracking Steeze Division.


Rita from the Hotel Frisco called to issue what sounds like a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! related to more dumb-ass losers egging property in the county. Rita also has a property management company, and she’s been on the losing side of this peculiar activity.

Folks, throwing eggs is not only uncool, it’s very wasteful! Think of all those omelets killed in the process …


Finally today, Frisco man-about-town David Cunningham just told us that the “G” on the helmets of the Green Bay Packers doesn’t stand for “Green,” which we always kind of assumed (and now, come to think of it, doesn’t make much sense – more like “GB” if they were going for a place-name reminder) but, rather, for “Greatness.” Yep, some old equipment coach back in the early 1960s thought it’d be a good idea, and it kinda stuck.

Given that the Pack have won a lot of Super Bowls, we’re wondering if carving a “G” into our hairdo for daily use would inspire us in similar fashion? Or maybe an “E” for excellence or even “DOB” for “doing our best!” and, on the other side, “now leave us alone!”

Just a thought. We out.

Summit Up

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