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Summit Up 2-12-10

Summit Up
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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s so excited about the ‘Lympics that we have this little shrine we set up dedicated to Lindsey Vonn’s shin. You may have heard Lindsay’s shin is illin’, and so we have this artificial leg in the corner with lights on it and soothing music (by The Shins, of course) and incense and all that kind of thing.

But seriously, we do wish Lindsey the best in being able to race. She’s an amazing skier, and we’d hate to see a little ol’ shin get in the way of the medals that just seem to have her name on them.

Speaking of injuries, here’s a shout-out to Jeffrey Bergeron (a.k.a. Biff America), who screwed up his shoulder the other day hiking up Peak 6. Jeffrey has to go in for surgery, and he told us he couldn’t write his column for Sunday. We’ve heard that excuse before, but in this case we’ll let him slide. Hope the surgery biz goes well for you, Biff, and look forward to having you doing all those healthy-shoulder things you used to do … like writing your dern column!


So in addition to snow covering Washington, D.C. – a place that needs snow like we need sandstorms – we also heard Dallas got a big ol’ snowstorm this week! What the heck?! Is there some kind of deity-led conspiracy against big snowstorms in the place where they’re supposed to be (i.e., here)? We still maintain that the skiing is pretty decent out there, but still … We could use a good ol’ dump and it just seems like we ain’t gonna get it. On the other hand, as the saying goes (and as is evidenced by the photo to your right), the best day of skiing is better than the worst day at the shoe store. Or something.


Speaking of skiing and the ‘Lympics and all, don’t forget to go on our website at and click on “Gold Medal Moments” to stick up your cool photos of L) you or your friends or your family members doing ‘Lympic-like stuff or vii) you hanging out at the ‘Lympics digging the scene or ibid) you watching the Games on TV whilst inhaling a dozen Li’l Smokies wrapped in dough and dipped in cheese (or whatever). Prizes are involved; just send the goldarn photos and you will be rewarded in some way.


Well folks, this is it: Opening Ceremonies on TV tonight! Enjoy all the pumpkin circum-dance.

We out.

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