Summit Up 2-13-11: Where we are looking back upon time well spent |

Summit Up 2-13-11: Where we are looking back upon time well spent

In this photo provided by the Samatian Island Lodge, endangered Rothschild giraffe, originally named Baringo giraffe, are trans-located to Ruko Game Conservancy by barge, making this the first ever attempt to carry giraffe across water in Kenya, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011. The project, supported and executed by The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and Samatian Island Lodge _ a luxury camp situated on a private island in Lake Baringo _ took four years to plan as, according to NRT director Ian Craig, giraffe are some of the most difficult animals to move. (AP Photo/Samatian Island Lodge) NO SALES
AP | Samatian Island Lodge

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is taking a moment to look back on our college years with a wag of our now much older, wiser and rather greyer heads. We were recently paid a visit by an old college friend and eventually got to reminiscing about those bygone days of youthful ignorance. If only we’d known then what we know now. That Friday is actually a weekday. That you cannot sleep through any staff meeting scheduled before noon the way you slept though classes. That, post-college, paying for a case of beer with coins you found in the sofa makes people think you are homeless. But, despite the many lessons we had to learn since graduation, we must say, those were four great years. Ok, those were five-and-a-half great years. Years of doing dishes in the bathroom sink and walking in to find some guy you’ve never met before passed out on your futon.

The thing about college, relative to the rest of life, is that in college you answer “why not?” to questions that at almost any other time in life you would have responded “why?”

Like the time our roommate asked if we wanted to use a snow day to try mattress surfing down the front steps of University Hall. We don’t remember exactly how that one ended, but we heard it wasn’t pretty.

Then there was the day we decided to find out if the Mentos in Coke experiment worked on large-scale using a whole packet of mints and a two-liter of soda. For the record, it does. Our dorm room was never the same again.

And of course there was the night we decided to get a game of indoor Frisbee golf going in the hallway using Eggo waffles. What we can’t remember is who’s idea it was to put syrup on them first.

Such good times.

(Sound of us dabbing at nostalgic tears beginning to well up).

Well, moving on to more current topics, we’re back again as your most reliable source of animal news from around the globe.

Big stories in the critter kingdom this week – some giraffes took a couples’ cruise in Africa and a rat held up an Alaska Airlines flight leaving Seattle when he reportedly wouldn’t get off his cell phone despite multiple requests from flight attendants.

But our personal favorite coming off the puppy press today is news that man’s best friend may now be able to contribute to man’s best efforts to be more sustainable.

It appears officials in Carbondale are discussing the possibility of putting up a gas lamp fueled by dog poop.

The lamp would grace (or, more realistically, probably stink up) a dog park in the city and would feature a “feeding tube” where dog owners could deposit their pup’s waste before heading home to sleep soundly knowing they’d done their part to make the world a little greener.


In local news – the stork has been to Summit County! Hooray for new snow babies!

Steven Agostinelli writes:

“Friends and family of Matt and Carrie Miano, long-time Summit County locals, wish to congratulate them on the arrival of their first child. Hannah Bea Miano was born Feb. 10 at 7:43 p.m. in Frisco, weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. All of our collective love and pride are with you and yours. Carrie will be taking some time off from her duties at The Carriage House, while you can hit Matt up for a cigar as he patrols Copper Mountain.”

Welcome to town Ms. Hannah, you’re going to love it here. And a big congrats to mom and dad!


And, for those of us with a certain addiction to sweet wafers delivered in boxes that always seem to be too small to satisfy our appetite, it is that most wonderful time of the year again! Girl Scout cookie season. We know what we will be eating after dinner for the next few weeks. And maybe for midnight snack … and in our car… and for breakfast. Well, we digress.

The point is millions of those not-quite-big-enough boxes full of yummy Girl Scout cookies are on their way here right now. The Girl Scouts are looking for volunteers to help spread the joyous news in front of grocery and other retail stores on Feb. 18. For more info give Amanda Kalina a shout at (720) 425-0962.


Well, we’re headed out to enjoy that sunshine. Happy Sunday, everyone.

We out.

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