Summit Up 2-14-11 |

Summit Up 2-14-11

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s confident the term “singles awareness day” applies today.

Yup, it’s that day of the year when St. Valentine’s little helpers send out funny little cards, kisses and Cupid’s arrows to the lovebirds.

But what about those poor souls who are left looking in through the windows at couples gathered at tables, holding hands in the firelight? Left out on the street, all alone, hoping if they go to the bar, they can pick up something at least akin to a Valentine.

We think there should be a street parade for them. Give them something to look forward on this most God-forsaken day of polarized opposites. There can be beer and flowers and wine and food and even boxes of chocolate that say “I love you” to each other! Just one big party for all the singles – heck, it would be a ready-made singles-eliminator. Everyone could find someone to go home with, and if not, well, they’ll probably be too drunk to remember anyway.


On the note of love amongst our neighbors, we’ve got a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! Someone wrote in about an incident at the Silverthorne car wash on Sunday, “A guy was parked in the middle of the driveway on the way to the three bays. Another guy pulled up to a bay to wait. The first guy started honking his horn and then got out and pounded on the window of the second guy. Who, then moved to another bay. The first guy still continued yelling…I guess he thought he was first in line for the three bays. Yelling “I’m a long time local”…Well guess what…this is not how it works you a**. Is this how inconsiderate “long time locals” are?”

We’re onboard with our writer, here. Sure, the guy who thought he was first in line for whichever of the three bays opened first, but dang! First off, that’s not the way it works at gas stations, or toll booths, or bank drive-through windows, so why should a car wash be any different? Choose a line, wait your turn and sorry if you selected the wrong one.

Secondly, particularly on a bright, sunshiny day in Summit County, no one should be THAT angry with anyone. If you are crunched for time, don’t go to the car wash.


On a brighter, more Valentinesy note, we’ve got an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from local naturopath Justin Pollack, who writes thusly, “A huge thank you to a team of angels at

Copper Mountain last weekend, when I left my wallet on a counter at Solitude Station/mid-mountain house. Francisca Figueroa and Amanda Jo Phillips at the Camp Hale coffee shop found, and held onto my wallet. 

“Later in the day when I realized it was missing and went back to Copper, liftie Even Bruggerman took a lap up the mountain to retrieve it. Everything intact, and no massive purchases on the cards. A lot of stress and brain damage was averted!! You guys are rock stars, and deserve raises.”

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