Summit Up 2-17-11: More crap about snow |

Summit Up 2-17-11: More crap about snow

Special to the Daily/John Biggs

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that thanks Lord Ullr for chilling out a little this past week and letting Ra the Sun God do his thing. (Is it OK to mix up our gods? Sure!) All the fenderbergs on our car melted off, and the little glacier that was growing underneath our gas pedal went away as well. Now, we hear Lord Ullr is coming back, and he’s welcome to do so because we were skiing the other day and, while the conditions were still most excellent by any standard, we’ve been spoiled by all those knee-deep-and-above pow days, and we’re ready for more.

So bring it on!


Speaking of snow, we’ve noted how much snow we have piled around our building, and how the designers of this structure – who were apparently very drunk people from Arizona or some such place – created it with extra-flat roofs that are just perfect for holding snow and, in the springtime, converting said snow into rivers of water that make their way from the outside and into our here and now, threatening computers, dampening papers and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

Anyway, we also discovered that, if you shovel a mother-lode of snow off the roof and onto the natural gas meter alongside the building, the weight of the snow can upset the gas meter, which then emits its smelly self into the building to notify you of its displeasure.

So be careful out there, folks, and make sure your gas meter is snow-free. Fortunately, the Xcel dude David came over and fixed it all up for us after we shoveled a tunnel out to get to the old meter.

We can’t say we always get the warm fuzzies about Xcel – especially when they’re hiking rates and mailing us bills (they never forget!) and all – but they sure took the “it smells like gas in here holy crap we’re all going to die!” phone call seriously and had someone over here pretty quickly.

BTW: Natural gas has no odor, so the stuff you smell is actually something they add to it called “mercaptan” so you know if it’s leaking. Personally, we don’t think it smells quite bad enough. Natural gas should smell like a burnt meatloaf doused in pickle juice and rolled in a thousand dog turds. Heck, they could use Summit County in springtime as the testing grounds for the new smell!

Anyway, we’re OK now, case you were worried. We out.

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