Summit Up 2-18-13: What did you say? |

Summit Up 2-18-13: What did you say?

Summit Up

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that sometimes wishes we spoke dog. We’re fairly sure that whatever they’re barking, gargling, whimpering or whining at us would be pretty funny translated.

For example, when we are a few minutes late feeding our pooch dinner she develops this incredible ability to tell time and starts kicking her bowl and barking at us. We’re pretty sure it translates to something like, “Get off your butt and feed me, you lazy human. I watched you slurp down that burger with impunity half an hour ago and you wouldn’t even share a bite with me. Now I’m hungry too, the least you can do is get over here and feed me that nasty Kibbles ‘n’ Bits crap you insist is good for my coat.”

Of course, since we can’t speak dog, we’re spared any of these musings. That’s about all the space we’ve got. We out.

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