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Summit Up 2-19-10

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s grooming our soul patch with a laser beam. We figure that’s the only way to get a truly precise patch – like the one sported by US short-track speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno. Man, that is one seriously cool cat! He skates like a madman, yet his face looks like that of a guy sitting in an armchair watching History Channel specials on the ancient Sumerians. We figure that’s why he sticks with the patch: It gives him a little bit of crazy on an otherwise super-composed chin.

We have to say that short-track skating has become one of our favorite sports to watch in the ‘Lympics. Talk about head-to-head, truly exciting competition! And the relay – holy crap! It’s like this crazy ballet out there as they juggle to get it all lined up. This is also, by the way, the only professional sport we can think of it where it’s OK to place your hands on your teammate’s butt and give a big shove to get him on his way.

Now if someone could just do that for us when we get outta bed in the morning …


Speaking of the ‘Lympics, we’ve been enjoying the blog from Vancouver coming from our man on the scene, Mark Bricklin. Bricklin works at the Vail Daily, and his biz card says “Marketing guy,” but we think of him as a sort of Milo Minderbinder – the kind of guy who can get you tix to that show or, perhaps, a pallet of Mardi Gras beads. Anyway, here’s part of a Thursday dispatch from Bricklin:

“Believe what you want but the only sport that counts in Canada is hockey and three major teams began tournament play yesterday – Canada, Russia and the U.S. When I got on the Sky Train at 7 a.m., I was immediately asked if I was going to one of the hockey games. All university and private schools are off for the duration of the Olympics and most public school students have an abbreviated schedule, so everybody is participating, and they are all out in the streets.

“You should know the U.S. won the first game of the day, Canada played in prime time and Russia played the late game; all three won their first round of competition. But Canada shut out Norway 8-0 and it was like a Super Bowl victory party multiplied by Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve. Keep in mind this was only the first game of the tourney, against the 11th-ranked contender. Imagine how they’ll bust loose if they start beating the really good teams.

“The streets have a life of their own, with spontaneous dancing, free hugs, circus freaks, mimes, honking and screaming, high fives and singing, endless chants of “USA, GO AWAY,” a zillion Canadian flag capes, painted faces and amazing costumes. Kids of all ages roam the neighborhood until the wee hours, giddy on the freedom and excitement of it all. There’s no quiet place anywhere, and all the normal rules have gone out the window. Talk to strangers on buses, hoop and holler on the subway, yodel in the streets, shout directly into someone’s face – there’s nothing rude or uncomfortable about any of it. As long as you’re hollering in a Canadian accent, it’s the congenial thing to do.”

Wow, sounds like a blast! (Except for the “USA Go Away!” part). To read more and see all the other ‘Lympics coverage we’ve got, click on and the “Quest for Gold” box.

Gotta run. Happy Friday!

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