Summit Up 2-21-11 |

Summit Up 2-21-11

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that spent so much time marveling at snowbanks we ended up plowed into one.

Yup, we’re not quite sure what happened, but on one of those clear, warm, bluebird days last week, we lost sight of a hairpin curve somewhere along those backroads and the car went sliding right on through the intersection. Thank our lucky stars that the car’s undercarriage slowed it down enough so it was perched precariously on the bank – one wheel up in the air – instead of rolled over on the other side.

Now, let’s just clarify this situation and say that, yes, we did have pretty bald tires. A word to the wise – and sorry we’re the ones who have to bring you this piece of wisdom – but go get new tires if you need ’em!

(We know… a light bulb should have gone off back when Summit Ford was promoting their employee special deal and/or when everyone was waiting in line at Meadow Creek Tire or Big O Tires or any of the various fix-it shops that offer tire deals back in October or November to get ready for winter. But we’ll just say we’re stubborn… and cheap.)

Instead, we waited until the season’s almost over until we realized it’s just not wise to explore the county while being inadequately prepared.

It’s kind of like getting to college and not buying any books.

Or forgetting to pop the screw into our snowboard bindings on a sick powder day.

Or heading out without a coat and boots at least stowed away in case they’re needed.

Or – gasp! we saw this on the Front Range this weekend – wearing flip flops and shorts in the middle of winter, when a storm’s a-blowin’ in!


Well, at least we’re not the only stubborn, clueless, distracted, too eager or (insert adjective here) folks out there.


On a side note, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to AAA, who diligently did its job and came to winch us out of the snowbank. And mention that we got new tires, thank you very much.

Hopefully the Goodyears will last a little longer than those other ones we bought last year. And hopefully our millions of Summit Up readers won’t recognize a Summit Daily staffer stuck in the snowbank anytime soon.


On the note of getting some help when in trouble, we’ve got an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Patricia Powell of Breckenridge, who writes, “My heartfelt gratitude goes to the angel on skis who rescued me from what could have resulted in serious injury or more when he acted in a heroic split second to stop me from sliding after an accidental fall in the Imperial Bowl on Friday – a place I have skied many times this season and past seasons.

“I hope his six-year-old daughter will always know what a quick-thinking heroic dad she is so lucky to have and to you, Larry, my forever thank you in saving me from what could have been something very serious.”

Well done being a good citizen, Larry! You likely helped divert another casualty from heading to our hospital and keeping our nurses employed.

On that note, gotta run. Happy Monday!

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