Summit Up 2-22-13: Where we’re hanging out with the monster downstairs |

Summit Up 2-22-13: Where we’re hanging out with the monster downstairs

Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s making snow angels in all the freshly fallen snow!

We’ve been watching it outside all day now, and we’re hoping some of you lovely Summit Up Readers got out to enjoy it. We’re sure you did, you rascals, you.

What we currently see from our posts here at the Summit Up World Headquarters on Main Street in Frisco is a lull in the flakes but some gray skies that seem to promise more on the way.

We don’t often talk to the editorial department, as we’re too often just lollygagging out here on our own with the three-headed , sharp-toothed Monster Downstairs (those folks don’t let us out much), but we hear word that maybe we’re running a story about the weather here sometime soon, maybe even today?

Well, you can rest assured that if we do that, there isn’t going to be much storm left. Summit Daily News curse and all. You write it, it doesn’t come. You don’t write it, everyone yells at you for not telling them the snow was on the way. Can’t win, we tell you. Can’t win.

But anyhoo, one thing we do over here when we’re wondering what exactly IS happening outside, particularly in yon mountains up there, is take a look at the Copper Mountain Snow Stake Cam, a helpful device to see real-time what’s happening on and near the slopes.

Here’s where you’ll find it (virtually, anyway… we’re not quite sure where it is on the mountain):

Shows ya proof on what’s happening on-mountain (looks like they really did get four inches overnight – the little toy truck was covered, anyway), and about two inches fell during the day Thursday.

Enough for a snow angel, but maybe not enough for face shots. Not quite like Monarch Mountain, anyway. Fifteen inches would feel like floating on a pillow! If only our watershed could get some o’ dat…


And now, here we sit, slightly cross-eyed as we twiddle our thumbs, because what else is there to talk about other than snow? Snow, snow, snow – all you need is snow! (Sung to the Beatles tune “All You Need Is Love” and one of our favorite songs as we hang here with the Monster Downstairs (he doesn’t like it much, so we have to be a bit discreet about it).

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Sounds like the Monster Downstairs is very reptilian in nature. We didn’t think such cold-blooded creatures lived up here in the High Country…

SUMMIT UP: Oh! Yes! Something else to write!

MSUR: So…?

SU: Oh yeah. The reptile. Well, this guy doesn’t go outside much. Then again, with the temps we’re kept in down here, the Monster Downstairs isn’t doing so hot these days. It’s pretty chilly in here, after all.

MSUR: Yikes! Sounds abominable on frigid days. Guess the Monster probably sleeps a lot.

SU: Yup, that’s how we can listen to The Beatles’ “Our World” over and over … and over … and over … and over again!

OK, MSUR, we gotta cut you off right there, because guess what! We’re out of space.

Happy Friday, peeps. Enjoy the snow.

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