Summit Up 2-23-12: The Allure of Abraham Lincoln |

Summit Up 2-23-12: The Allure of Abraham Lincoln

Summit Up
Special to the DailyNate Willis and his father, John J. Willis Jr., stand atop Des Grands Montets recently.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that has U.S. presidents on its mind – specifically, the 16th.

Raise your hand if you knew right away that we meant Abraham Lincoln. Come on, be honest!

It seems to us that ol’ Honest Abe has been in the public mind a lot lately, and we’re not exactly sure why. Yes, he was a pretty great president – some would say the greatest – but we’re curious about his current hold on pop culture.

Most obvious is the movie, “Lincoln,” which is currently up for no fewer than 12 Oscar awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. With Hollywood powerhouses director Steven Spielberg and actor Daniel Day-Lewis behind the production, this is no surprise.

However, Lincoln was recently a part of another film, one that wasn’t nominated for any awards, called “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” In this piece of cinematic (brilliance? originality? idiocy?) Lincoln is not only president, but has a secret identity in which he is a vampire hunter. Sort of like what might happen if you were watching “Buffy” while doing your history homework and fell asleep.

So what is it about the 16th president that has so captured the entertainment industry’s imagination? Is it the cool stovepipe hat? The fact that he abolished slavery? The tragedy of a man assassinated while simply trying to relax and enjoy himself after holding the Union together?

While there’s no doubt that Lincoln is a historical celebrity, let’s not forget that there are other presidents with interesting and tragic histories, which we feel might do well to be brought back to memory by pairing up with supernatural forces. Here’s a few pitches for any would-be directors among our readers:

George Washington: Zombie Slayer. He had wooden teeth as well as mad axe chopping skills.

Teddy Roosevelt and the Beast Bigfoot. Watch America’s best big-game hunter match wits with the legendary creature.

Woodrow Wilson: Werewolf. He’s the president of the United States, until it’s the night of a full moon.

See? These practically write themselves. Next stop: the Oscars. We out.

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