Summit Up 2-26-11: Hoping we don’t get played off at the Oscars |

Summit Up 2-26-11: Hoping we don’t get played off at the Oscars

Special to the Daily Dave Skowron of Montezuma sent us this photo of him digging out his RV for a road trip - the latest in a series we like to call "Holy flippin' crap there's a ton-a snow out there!' And more on the way ...

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that can’t wait to watch the Oscars on Sunday night for one simple reason: We like when big-shot Hollywood actors and directors get “played off.” That’s when they go on and on thanking their agent, their wives, their mother, their accountant and whoever else they can think of while everyone sits there going “who gives a crap?” Unlike most social situations, where you are often trapped by such windbags, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has this elegant if blatant solution: The band starts playing, prompting aforementioned windbag to wrap it up. Meanwhile, hotties in evening wear move into place to “escort” the thank-o-saurus off the stage.Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like that in real life? This may be difficult to believe, but sometimes people call us up here at the newspaper and ramble on about stuff we have no idea what they’re talking about. If we only had a “play off” button, where music starts to play, low at first then gradually louder until all we can hear is something like “Boat Drinks” by Jimmy Buffett and the caller has no choice but to hang up.We jest, of course. We always give all callers our complete and undivided attention. ***OK, here’s something response to Tuesday’s column, which told the tale of a butt-knocker local who was mean to some folks at a Breckenridge restaurant:”Dear Summit Up, Julie, and Family,”After reading Tuesday’s Summit Up I can only say that the family in Rita’s isn’t the only one who is embarrassed. I would like to apologize to anyone who was made to feel uncomfortable on Saturday night, the family in question or any of our other guests who had to witness it. While I am glad to see that none of our other patrons rose to rally around one guests tirade against a young family, I am personally embarrassed that none of our staff came to the families defense. We certainly strive to maintain the sort of atmosphere where a family can come and enjoy our happy hour, locals and tourists alike. On Saturday evening we failed to do that. I will certainly be focusing my efforts to continue to create and maintain that type of atmosphere, and hope that any one offended will be willing to give us another try. Again, my sincerest apologies.”Mic Beseda, GM, Kenosha Steakhouse And Ritas”Thanks Mic. All we can say is you can’t always prevent jerks from being jerks.***OK, here’s a Scum Alert! Scum Alert! from Karen Little, who writes thusly:”After waiting one month for my skis and poles to be returned- to no avail- I regret that I have to issue a Scum Alert! At noon on Saturday, Jan. 29, my skis and poles were taken outside of the Black Mountain Lodge at A-Basin. They were Rossignol B2 (men’s) 160s. And Scott poles. My name, Karen Little, and phone, (970) 668-2738, were written in black permanent marker on the rear of each ski. I have not been able to ski on my favorite skis for a month in this fantastic snow. If you have seen my skis, please contact me.”Scummy, but we applaud Karen for her optimism that they’ll be returned. Alas, we don’t share that conviction at this point.***Finally, here’s an Angel Alert! Angel Alert! from Therese, visiting from SoCal, who called to give a shout-out to former ski patroller Richard Martin for helping her at Keystone the other day. She said to say it was from the “Snowplow Ranger.”There you have it. Happy Saturday and happy powder turns, Summit County.We out.

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