Summit Up 2-27-2011: Where we’re fired up for National Elephant Day |

Summit Up 2-27-2011: Where we’re fired up for National Elephant Day

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is thinking about elephants, lovely critters that they are. Seems to us, any animal that large that doesn’t take advantage of the power and go stomping on we smaller species is pretty darn cool and deserves around of applause.

So we have to say, we feel the elephant got a little shafted when it got roped into the whole “elephant in the room” metaphor. Do elephants really deserve to be compared to that awkward feeling you get when there’s something unfortunate going on that nobody really wants to talk about? Like when your dog chews up your favorite shoes even though he has a perfectly good chew toy in the next room, and he looks at you and you both know what went down, but neither of you are going to say anything about it. It’s just a little awkward. But it’s not like an elephant.

Well apparently the folks down at the Denver Zoo agreed with us that elephants need more good press because they’re gearing up in a big way for everyone’s favorite holiday – right after Arbor Day – National Elephant Day. OK, we actually had no idea that there was a National Elephant Day, but apparently there is and it sounds pretty awesome.

Unlike lame occasions such as Grandparents Day, there is no need to send a card or a new hearing aid to your local elephant on National Elephant Day.

Our friends at the zoo write:

“Denver Zoo will honor its largest residents, Asian elephants Mimi and Dolly, by celebrating National Elephant Day on Sunday, March 13. The event will show just how important elephants are and why they should be protected. They say an elephant never forgets, so don’t miss this event. Activities are free with admission.

“The event is based on a Thai festival, where residents honor their national animal, the elephant. At 11:30 a.m., zookeepers will serve Mimi and Dolly an artistic buffet of elephantine proportions of fruits and vegetables. Guests also can visit activity stations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. where they can learn about elephants, their relationship with humans and our new pachyderm exhibit, Asian Tropics.

“We also will be introducing the Kids Campaign during National Elephant Day. Children interested in participating in the fundraiser for Asian Tropics, our new $50 million exhibit scheduled to open in 2012, will be given “ele” banks. Groups and individual children that raise the most money for Asian Tropics will have the opportunity to win exclusive prizes. When children bring back their full bank to Denver Zoo, they will receive a commemorative poster of Mimi and Dolly (while supplies last).”

Sounds pretty sweet.

We haven’t yet decided how we’ll celebrate Elephant Day. Maybe we’ll wear a trunk and a tail to work that day and go tromping around the office not forgetting anything for once! Or, perhaps we’ll bake an elephant shaped cake and read Dr. Suess’s legendary tale, “Horton Hatches the Egg.” Or we could go out and buy a brand new printer for the office! OK, we probably won’t do that last one, we just threw it out there in the hopes that someone else will. Our current printer sounds like a heard of elephants being chased by an even bigger heard of wildebeest when you ask it to print something, and, very often, after a few minutes spits out nothing more than a smudged crinkled version of the page you were trying to print.


In other news, we just read this crazy story about a baby in Alabama who wandered into a bank vault just before closing time and got locked in there for four hours!

Collective gasp of the Millions of Summit Up Readers.

We know! The little tike was doing fine when they finally got her out, but it got us wondering what kind of crap security measures that bank must have had in place. Seriously, if a not quite 2-year-old can break into your vault maybe it’s time to take another look at your procedures. And while your at it, might not be a bad idea to add “check bank for stray babies” to your closing checklist.


Anyway folks, it’s another fabulous, snowy Sunday. There is so much snow out there! Go enjoy it.

We out.

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