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Summit Up 2.28.09

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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s exploring the newly discovered world of men who knit.

We never met a man who owned a pair of knitting needles, let alone one who skillfully knew how to use them. That is, until we interviewed a local athlete a few weeks ago who knits in his spare time. We thought he was joking with us when he owned up to a serious knitting habit, and frankly ” once we believed him ” we were impressed!

We recently inherited our grandmother’s knitting tools and have, to our credit, constructed a few scarves. But, a hat seems difficult to us, and our one known man-knitter friend has constructed sweaters! We’re clearly out-maneuvered, and we like it.

Being out-knit got us thinking. How many men know how to knit and purl?

So we got on our trusty Google, and typed: “Men who knit.” Lots of items came up in the search.’s homepage reads: “Man enough to knit, strong enough to purl.” It expounds on the history of men and knitting. We learned a lot.

In summary, says knitting was likely spread by Arabian sailors and merchants (obviously male) who traveled throughout the Mediterranean. The first men-only knitting trade guild was started in Paris in 1527. There’s also the soldiers who knitted clothing items during World War II ” these men came back from the war and took part in a drive to knit clothing for the war effort.

We’ve always pictured grannies click-clacking away on sweaters, mittens and beanies for grandchildren, but never have we been so wrong. has a Colorado chapter of male knitters, “Men with Balls,” which meets on second and forth Mondays at Diedrich’s Coffee in Denver from 7-9 p.m. We’re guessing they mean that they have large balls of yarn.

Another all-male knitting online community can be found at

E-mail and let us know if there’s a local clique of men who knit. Photos are welcome.


In other news, we’d just like to comment how quickly the month of February has passed us by. We feel slightly let down somehow. It feels like we fell asleep at the wheel for a few days and missed it. But, it was recently pointed out to us that it’s a short month anyway, a poor excuse for our month-long track record of being anywhere but home. So, we’re planning to fully take advantage of Summit County’s phemomenal spring skiing! We hope all our readers do the same.


We’re out this lovely Saturday, trying to remember how to cast off.

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