Summit Up 2-4-11: Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl |

Summit Up 2-4-11: Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl

Special to the Daily/Karla Jean Booth

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is th-th-thawing out still from the recent chilly weather. Dang! We didn’t think it’d ever warm up, but when temps soared into the teens on Thursday, we pulled on our Speedos, strapped on an Apache headdress and ran up and down Main Street yelling “viva Italia!” for no particular reason.

The nice policeman was very kind as he escorted us back to the Daily building.


OK, we have one question: What’s up with this Comcast/Xfinity thing? Which is it – Comcast or Xfinity? Or is this the cable giant’s “John Cougar Mellencamp” phase, where one day they’ll say, “Just kidding about Comcast! We’re now Xfinity! What’s Comcast?”

(For all you kids out there, John Mellencamp is a singer/songwriter big in the 1980s who burst out of the gate with the stage name of John Cougar. As he got older, he decided that was pretty silly and he went back to his real name of Mellencamp after the aforementioned John Cougar Mellencamp period, which lasted a couple of years.)

Anyway, if someone from Comcast wants to tell us what’s going on here, we’re all ears. And while you’re at it, tell us when you’re going to get new DVRs to replace the ultra-crappy old-school ones we have now.


So, are you geared up for the Super Bowl?

(sound of echoing)

Super Bowl. Super Bowl! Super Bowl?! Super Bowl: Did you know that you have to be careful if you’re, say, a bar with a Super Bowl party going on Sunday? Yep – since “Super Bowl” is a trademarked name, the NFL is very picky about how you use that phrase Super Bowl in any commercial advertisements. So if you see some ads in our paper or other places for “the big game” instead of “Super Bowl,” well, that’s why.

Of course, since we’re in a content module here and not selling anything, we can write Super Bowl as much as we want.

We love the freedom.

Super Bowl.


Speaking of the Super Bowl, we have something here from dietitian Joseph Gonzales, R.D. to be filed under “Advice not heeded”: “Super Bowl Sunday is the second-biggest food consumption day of the year – and it’s notorious for inspiring bad food choices. As a dietitian, I urge football fans to consider the downside of indulging in high-fat Super Bowl foods like hot wings and pepperoni pizza.

“Regular consumption of high-fat foods increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Research has found that even a single fatty meal can raise blood pressure, stiffen major arteries, and cause the heart to beat harder – and fans already face an elevated heart attack risk while viewing stressful sporting events.

“But there’s good news: We can lower our risk by eating healthier. From black bean dip and bruschetta to veggie chili and Portobello “steaks,” the low-fat party food possibilities are endless. With these foods, fans can enjoy the game-and their food-without worrying about artery-clogging saturated fat. For recipes, go to”

Yeah yeah yeah, doc: pass the cheesy lard wings on your way out the door! And someone please make sure there’s batteries in the portable defibrillator hanging next to the kegerator.

Yes, we shall burn in hell!

We out.

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