Summit Up 2-6-11: Waiting for the big game to start |

Summit Up 2-6-11: Waiting for the big game to start

Summit Daily/Mark Fox

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is already hopped up on chips, chicken wings and 13 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper! Which can only mean one thing! Millions of Summit Up Readers: You fell off the band wagon?Summit Up: Ok, so it can mean two things! It’s finally here, folks! The day when it is perfectly legitimate to do our victory dance in public, yell at inanimate objects and consume upwards of 5,000 calories in under three hours! The epitome of American culture and tradition. It’s Super Bowl Sunday!But unfortunately this most glorious of days is overshadowed this year by danger, despair and ice hanging in long, mysterious drippy formations from the roof of Cowboys Stadium! It appears the storm that buried much of the country in snow this week did not check its calendar very carefully and decided to blast Arlington Texas with winter weather this week, absolutely ruining lots of pre-game party plans and (we’re guessing) more than one pair of over-priced cowboy boots. We, for one, though, couldn’t help chuckling a bit to ourselves as we read phrases like “deep freeze” “bitter cold” and “worst weather event since the 1980s” applied to temperatures that generally hovered in the 20s and once fell to the shockingly low point of 16 degrees. Oh, dear Texas, so innocent when it comes to winter weather. To help Texas through this challenging time of unimaginable cold, here’s a few winter tips from we Eskimos up in the frozen north to help you get through the “worst weather event since the 1980s.” 1. Gravel breaks windshields. Just a fact of life. 2. You do not only need to shovel your walk. You also need to shovel your roof. If you don’t, you might be shoveling your living room. 3. Using fenderbergs as soccer balls in matches on the frozen lake usually results in a few broken toes. 4. OK, this is a rookie mistake, but we’re including it just in case: It is almost never a good idea to test the temperature of any metal surface with your tongue. Even if your brother dares you. ***Speaking of big days, once the big day is over we’ve got to start planning for the big day of love. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We know, pretty soon here it’ll be time to break out the Fourth of July decorations! Anywho, for those of you who want mark this occasion (and undoubtedly score some brownie points at home) by letting the world know how much you love your husband, wife, kid, second cousin or, in our case, pet fish, Walter, why not shout it from the metaphorical rooftops of the SDN!?You can once again publish all your mushy-gushy lovey stuff right here in our pages by placing a Valentine Love Note. And to keep spreading the love we’ll donate a buck from each paid love note to the Susan G. Komen Romp to Stomp. But wait, there’s more! You could also win a brand new car! Ok, just kidding about the car. But three love note submitters will win a $30 gift certificate to the Dam Brewery, which is also pretty dam cool. Get all the deets and place your love note at Deadline is 4:30 Friday. The Valentine Love Notes will run in the SDN, well, on Valentine’s Day. And, if you’re feeling a bit hungry after composing all that heart-felt poetry for your love note, the Breck Restaurant Association can hook you up. Our sources at the BRC tell us 15 restaurants will be offering specials for locals on Tuesday, Feb. 8 and Feb. 15. So grab your sweetie and head over to Briar Rose, Jake’s, Relish, Modis or Bubba Gump for some grub. Burke & Riley’s Irish Pub, Columbine Cafe, Denzaemon, Ember, Hearthstone, Kenosha Steakhouse, Spencer’s, Steak & Rib, The Swiss Haven and Windy City Pizza are also in on the deal. Yum. ***Well, people, the big game’s starting up here soon (4:30 p.m.) so we gotta go find a comfy seat and start enjoying those commercials. We out.

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