Summit Up 2-8-11: The one where we woke up on the opinion page |

Summit Up 2-8-11: The one where we woke up on the opinion page

Happy 9th Birthday Camden! We love you! Daddy, Mommy, Riley, Jack, Alex, Sammy and Smores.

*Note to our online readers: In today’s print edition, Summit Up appears on the opinion page. Wacky! Try to imagine you’re holding a print copy of the paper and join in on the fun.Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, comin’ at ya live from the Frozen Land of Nador*, where winter never ends, the snow keeps on a-coming, the winds howl with wild abandon and we scrape our windshields in our dreams. Yep, this is the kind of winter where the groundhogs are found frozen solid, with no indication of when things will ever end.The upside, of course, is skiing and snowboard and snowmobiling and all that other stuff is pretty flippin’ awesome. We were up on top of Spaulding Bowl at Copper the other day where it wasn’t fit for man nor beast, and we loved it. There’s something about being out in the wild weather that makes us feel all alive-y. Know what we mean?***Have you ever woken up in a strange place and wondered how you got there? That’s us today, here in our temporary home on the opinion page. WTF? Do we have to start railing against Obama or whining about health care or gritching about anchor babies just cuz we’re here? And do we have to watch our language and not write stuff like “cuz” cuz we’re on the serious old opinion page?We’re not sure. It’s disorienting – although not as bad as the time we woke up on the pool table at the Moose Jaw. Or remember that time in Boulder when we fell asleep on someone’s lawn and got woken up by the sprinklers going off?(We jest, of course. We’re just borrowing these anecdotes from other people to make it sound like we’ve had all kinds of interesting, saucy experiences when, in reality, the naughtiest we’ve ever gotten was that time at the church social when we double-dipped in the spinach-artichoke dip and the pastor saw us and gave us what can only be described as a mildly disapproving look. It stung.)Where were we? We forget. But the main thing is this: (sound of thought processes processing)Dont’ forget to put your Valentine’s Day love note in the Daily so your sweetie will think fond thoughts of you even as you fess up to the fact that you forgot to make a reservation for dinner and have to take her to Wendy’s, which at least is a step up from the Micky D’s inside Walmart.Anyway, here’s the skinny:The love notes will be published in print and online Monday, February 14th. $1 from each paid Love Note will go to Susan G Komen Romp to Stomp. In addition three lucky winners will receive a $30 gift certificate to the Dam Brewery. Go to and make it happen.Well folks, we’ve gotta go shovel the driveway … again! Enjoy the new batch and drive safe out there.We out.*Monty Python & the Holy Grail

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