Summit Up 2-9-13: Shoutout remix |

Summit Up 2-9-13: Shoutout remix

Summit Up
Special to the Daily

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is running a correction.

It seems that there was a bit of confusion concerning a shoutout we ran in Friday’s column. We had an anonymous pat on the back that named the local do-gooder as Jean, when in fact her name is Jane. We trust you’ll forgive our transgression. So without further adieu, our shoutout part two:

“A big thank you to Jane Hendrix, the Peak 7 Trail Goddess!! Jean cuts all the entrances to the trails so locals and visitors can easily access and enjoy our beautiful trails and mountains. It looks like the work of six men, but it’s just Jane. Thanks for your hard work!”


Word on the street is that it’s supposed to be blowing snow today, so we figure it’s about time to wrap this here column up, strap on our boots and hit the pow that Ullr has seen fit to bless us with in the Summit.

Catch you tomorrow.

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