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Welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column contemplating the mystique of the sun shower.

Southerners say it means the devil’s beating his wife; for Bulgarians, bears are getting married. People in Poland say the witch is making butter, according to Wikipedia.

Corporate staffer #0007 was enjoying nachos outdoors yesterday when rain fell under sunshine, catching him off-guard. He quickly retreated to shelter.

The phenomenon, though relatively undocumented, has spawned strange folkloric explanations worldwide.

Marriage of sly animals is a common theme. In South Africa, monkeys are marrying. In Arabic cultures, rats marry. Depending on whom you ask, the sun shower may also signal wedding vows between jackals, tigers or foxes.

Some Filipinos believe a centaur’s marriage to a tall, hairy, pipe-smoking tree demon provokes a sun shower, according to Wikipedia.

Russians call it mushroom rain because the showers frequently occur when conditions are favorable for fungus growth.

And in Germany some say it means the devil’s beating his grandmother, laughing as she cries.


We’d like to think the sun shower is nature’s whimsical way of exhibiting beauty and power at once. Often the occurence leads to rainbows.

Perhaps we high-thinking high-country folks could come up with an interpretation of our own. The sun shower could mean the pine beetles are cannibalizing one another. Or maybe it signals multilateralism among world leaders.

It could foreshadow power outages. These seem to hit more frequently with downpours.

Speaking of downpours, recent sun showers do coincide with a historic day this weekend: We’ll be sipping our spirits on Sundays without having to plan ahead.

Legislation is kicking in to allow our favorite liquor stores to stay open seven days per week.

From here on out, we predict an increased frequency of Sunday swigs, regardless of sun showers.


We out, singing in the showers. Send us your own folkloric anecdotes of rain under sun at

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