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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column struggling to get back in the work groove.

We melted into quite a relaxed state this holiday weekend and when the time came to fold up the lawn chairs and head back to reality we couldn’t help but feel a little bummed.

Maybe it was the smell of burning charcoal and sunscreen that lured us into a fantasy vacation land, or the carefree feeling that seemed to be floating alongside the Main Street parade routes.

It was quintessential summer and we couldn’t get enough of it.

Lemonade stands dotted the roadways, bikers cruised along the sidewalks, and everywhere you turned it seemed like there were adorable children clad in red, white and blue.

Sure, the streets were packed, and getting anywhere was an absolute nightmare. But everyone seemed to be OK with it, and the positive energy mixed with the sunshine felt pretty good.

We spent most of the weekend soaking up the sun and then ran for cover when a few afternoon thunderstorms rolled in. The droplets cooled our recently acquired sunburn as we made the mad dash for shelter, tripping in puddles and laughing the entire way.

Summer thunderstorms in the mountains are pretty amazing. They materialize out of nowhere and pelt the pavement with huge thimble-sized droplet that bounce and sizzle off the road.

We always liked to think there was no better smell than that of rain hitting the hot pavement during a summer evening thunderstorm.

Luckily for us, the torrential downpour only lasted for a few short moments, and the cool breeze that followed prompted us to grab an old blanket as we watched the clouds drift away over the mountains.

We created a little nest on our balcony and looked out over the mountains to watch the clouds slowly settle into the lower lying valleys. The rain running off the roof above us created a curtain of water and, as the sun slowly reappeared, the light reflecting off the streaming droplets.

It seemed like the perfect ending to our holiday weekend.

We got an e-mail alerting us that a certain world traveler was celebrating a birthday today and, because birthdays are so awesome, we wanted to include a note and picture from her family.

“Happy 12th Birthday Karly Rose! Love Mom, Dad, Meg and Max.”

Live it up Karly, 12 is a pretty great age to be.

We out on this Monday, packing up the barbecue set and getting back to work.

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