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Special to the DailyLong-time local Kelly Robinson, shown here at age 12, turns 40 years old today. Kay, Eric and Katelyn and all his friends want to wish him a happy birthday! See you in the ditch!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column powered by ramen noodles.

You might think we’ve turned to this mildly tasty treat in light of national economic woes. You’d be wrong. We’re doing it because it’s cool.

New York noodle shops charge as much as $15 per bowl for the warm, gooey, salty treat. Even a guy from GQ magazine says its the in-thing, according to a recent story from the Associated Press.

Fortunately the price increases have yet to hit our region, where the noodles and flavor packet wrapped in crisp bright plastic may still be yours for about 15 cents a pop. That’s why we’re buying in now ” in all flavors, even the obscure ones.

Goodness, we may even be able to afford dating again.

Love and ramen ” two components of a nostalgic flashback to collegiate frolics. We recall special nights, striving to impress the opposite sex with a large helping of asparagus covered in a pod of finely minced garlic. A handful of shrimp showered with cayenne would top a bed of lightly salted ramen.

A couple Busch lights and the table was set.

Even the image of pulling that taut clump of noodle from the package harkens us back to a familiar mirror image ” the bleached, wavy and over-starched clump adorning our scalp freshman year.

We tried our fair share of experiments back then, several of which took a step or two away from ordinary. Late at night before exams, when the caffeine had worn off and the appetite returned, we’d peer into a bare cupboard with peeling white paint and a smattering of resources.

Worcestershire, egg, mustard, ham, Tabasco, hot dog, mustard, pickles ” they all had their moment in the ramen mix.

Come to think of it, the allure of raking in 100 times the cost of the basic ingredient is rather powerful.


We out, negotiating a home-equity loan to open a fancy noodle restaurant.

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