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Special to the DailySierra Anderson is outweighed by her backpack.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column trying to pronounce the moos on our cows from around the world coffee mug and apologizing in advance for the puns.Our family has a rather ridiculous collection of kitsch mugs, ranging from a white one stamped with a company logo to a particularly cheesy Colorado one with painted wolves against a reddish background. Theres also a hand-painted mug and a We love our grandmother/Washington D.C. one we might have accidently swiped from Gramma last time we visited the ranch in Scottsbluff.But steering back to the aforementioned mug of bovine persuasion: it truly rises to the top.The cattle who hail from France, Japan, West Germany (this mug is likely older than ourself as we were four years old when the Berlin Wall fell) and Poland are featured in blue, yellow, green and red boxes, respectively.Moo the French cow lows.We think thats pronounced moo-eh. A whole lot of good our nine years of French did us. Plus, it sounds more Canadian than French.The Japanese bovine, back turned coldly: Moo-san.We remain un-mooved, but at least hes polite in his address.The West German cow, head cocked slightly, as if weighed down by the ber-mullet we imagine German cows, like their human owners, have, says M. Moski, the Polish cow responds, looking accusingly at her German neighbor, lips delicately rounded (evidently Polish cows have lips).We suppose that if the mug featured an American cow, it would be a hamburger.We also admit somewhat reluctantly that we own yet another cow mug, one that features a shaggy Scottish red highland cow in tartan galoshes. Above the cow it reads in Scottish phoenetics: Highlan coo.Lest you think we have bovine on the brain (mad cow disease?), we recommend you find the cow poems by e.e. cummings and Robert Louis Stevenson, who also appreciate this unsung creature, and read them while you enjoy your cheerios bobbing in milk with your caf au lait.***Proud mother Susan Anderson writes that her itinerant daughter, Sierra, a 2004 Summit High graduate, is trekking through China and Australia with a Southern Methodist University program. She will celebrate her 23rd birthday in Perth, Australia, and has told her mom she will be skydiving to mark the occasion! The SMU senior majoring in business and marketing, Sierra has a blog site at and would love to hear from her friends. ***We out, gazing fondly at the wee herd of highlan coos that lives a few miles from Silverthorne up Highway 9, which we discovered a few weeks ago to our udder surprise and satisfaction.

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