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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column extremely envious of travel show hosts.We sat down to a lovely evening of the Travel Channel the other night and couldnt help but feel jaded as we watched hosts get shuttled to exotic locations around the world, experiencing every facet of different indigenous cultures.What do you have to do to get in on that gig? Surely they must be looking for new show ideas all the time.Recently, one of our friends introduced us to a brand-new travel show, on which the host travels the world experiencing the various drinking cultures of the globe. Talk about an interesting day job.So far, we have only watched one episode, but it is safe to say this guy has one of the most interesting, and exhausting, lifestyles we have ever seen.First of all, the show basically consists of watching this guy party local style, as he accepts anything and everything his scheming hosts offer.Here, try this, my grandfather makes it in a bathtub in his basement. Its classic, we all drink it, one local encourages as he hands the host an unmarked bottle full of brown, sluggish liquid.Without even thinking the hosts tips his glass and throws the liquid down his throat in one fluid movement. Moments later his eyes are swimming in his head and hes asking directions for the bathroom.This made us think two things: This guy has no fear, and he probably has a great hangover remedy.And to think, he is subjected to these kinds of rituals at every place he goes. He must have a pretty hardy liver.After watching an episode based in a small fishing village in Greece, we paused for a second and thought what would happen if the show made a visit to Summit County.A glimpse at the strange and bizarre drinking rituals of those obsessed with snow sports in this small mountain community in Colorado, the intro would read.And we can hear the bellowing voice-over narration in our heads.Watch as they super glue shot glasses to skis, and make use of the contraption even in the summer, when thoughts of fresh powder still seem far in the distance.Its no secret people in Summit County know how to party, so if they are ever looking for new locations they should book a trip to the High Country during ski season. Were pretty confident the footage would be both entertaining and informational.But now, back to our jealously.In addition to experiencing cultures all over the world, travel hosts get paid to do things we could only dream about doing at work.Hey, uh [insert host name], were going to need you to sip on a Margarita in this shot, can you do that for us?What a life.We out on this Monday, dreaming up new travel show ideas to pitch to the all themajor networks.

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