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A brush with fame? Local resident Michele Hart had a close encounter with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barck Obama at a fundraiser in Denver recently, and Leigh Girvin sent us the photo to prove it.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is dreaming of yet another get-rich-quick scheme, thanks to a random e-mail that came across our desk sometime over the weekend. We’re not sure why we were targeted for this missive, but we’re thinking this could be the ticket.

We tried the “Goldmine-in-Uganda” plan, and that didn’t really pan out. We’ve also looked into the “Just-send-us-your-bank-account-and-social-security number scheme;” you know, the one where you can take a cut of a huge inheritance just by acting as a middleman, but that turned out to be just another scam.

But the latest plan requires only some computer literacy, internet access for two to three hours per week, efficiency and dedication, and being over the age of 19. We totally qualify for this, and when we saw that we could make $10,000 per month, well, that just got us to thinking what we’d do with all that money and free time.

And then we started wondering, are there really jobs like this floating around out there? And if so, why didn’t our career counselor in high school tell us about them?

But once our head stopped spinning and we came back to Earth after a few brief moments of fantasizing about untold wealth, fancy cars, sumptuous and lavish yachts and round-the-world trips, we realized that it’s not really what we want. We want meaning our lives, and not just money. We want love and laughter, and we know for a fact that those are things that money just can’t buy.

We also want to make sure we let people know how lucky we are to have the Summit Stage in our community, so we’re printing this note from Betsy:

“I don’t know if this belongs in the Angel Alerts or the Thank You’s, but I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to ‘Mountain Mobility,’ the para-transit arm of the Summit Stage. They helped me so much through a difficult time and enabled me to get to work. The drivers are professional, friendly, caring and helpful. We in Summit County are so fortunate to have this service!”

Thanks, Betsy, and we couldn’t agree more.

We see also that nominations are being accepted for Poet Laureate of Colorado.

Now THAT is a job that we could get excited about. Sad to say, we probably don’t possess the poetry skills needed to pull this off, but we love the idea of being Poet Laureate. According to the info we got, the position is aimed at promoting an appreciation of poetry in Colorado and to honor outstanding Colorado poets.

We looked up the current Poet Laureate, learning that it is a woman named Mary Crow, who teaches at Colorado State University and decided to include this poem to give you an idea of what it might take to become the next Poet Laureate. Happy reading!


Even now the ground is slowly shifting

beneath your feet. Even now

zones of weakness are building

behind your back, ready to crack

into fractures. Even now pressures

may exceed the power of rocks

to resist. Think of it:

thousands of faults lace this region.

You live inside a ring of fire

where walls can loom up overnight.

Forces in this landscape

are trying to rearrange your world.

You stand here feeling

you can control nothing,

at any second it is you

who may be heaved up,

and broken.

Colorado has had a Poet Laureate since 1919, and the selection of the next Poet Laureate will be based on artistic excellence, a demonstrated history of community service in the advancement of poetry and the ability to present poetry effectively.

If you have any ideas on who might be the best person for this post, you can send them to: Colorado Center for the Book, Colorado Humanities, 1490 Lafayette Street, Suite 101, Denver, CO 80218, Attention: Poet Laureate.

We think it would be kind of cool to have each candidate submit a sample poem, perhaps something as simple and accessible as a limerick, and then to let people vote, kind of like the all-star team in baseball.

So there you have it, this week’s arts edition of Summit Up, with the opportunity to become famous, if not rich.

Make art, not war!

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