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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column thoroughly intrigued by the idea of snow in August. We realize that one must be prepared for any type of weather at any time here in the High Country, especially with this rumor going around the county saying that it’s going to snow above 10,000 feet this weekend.

The supremely unpredictable nature of day-to-day weather in Summit County specifically always astounds us. It can be sunny one minute, pouring rain the next … and the hail! Oh, sweet hail. More than once we’ve been caught jogging in the rain, only suddenly to be caught in a stinging deluge of frozen water pellets.

And speaking of hail, did any of you get a gander at the crazy hail storm in Breck Friday afternoon? We’ve never seen anything quite this intense, extreme and awesome … Only minutes after returning home, the rain went from pattering on our roof to possibly breaking our roof. We immediately looked out the window and saw coin-sized, white hail pelting every inch of our yard. Within ten minutes, the porch was snow-white and we had to brush off our car.

But, it’s so early for this kind of weather. Isn’t it technically still summer? Shouldn’t we have some more sunny days where we actually get to wear sleeveless shirts and our favorite chaco sandals? Honestly, we’re starting to think we’d better start airing out our winter gear and pre-washing our long-underwear after their month-long hiatus in “winter storage.” Why did we even bother? It would have been more time effective to let the seasonal clothes intermingle.

After witnessing that freaky Friday hail pound our car, we don’t doubt that snow is closer to Summit County that anyone thinks! Frankly, we’re actually excited.

We have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! Pat Getz of Dillon writes: I would like to give the entire staff at Mountain Lyon Cafe a huge THANK YOU for helping me when my girl friend had a seizure while we were having lunch. The staff was great in helping me. As for my girlfriend, she is fine. Not only great food, but the best service! Thank you!

Online reader sallycarpenter posted this Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to our public Angel and Scum Alert blog at http://www.summitdaily/angelalert. She’s our first post to this new blog, so please don’t let her sit too alone in there. Share your good news (or bad)!

Anyway, sallycarpenter writes: “A huge thank you to Lisa and her trusty pal, Maya. They took my wayward Airedale under their care and got her safely home to us via the kind lady from Animal Control. We were so relieved to have our family member back safe and sound.”

Wings and halos on their way through cyberspace …

Also, somewhere on this page, readers will see a photo of Thelma Brummal, who is turning 88 years old today. According to her family: “Thelma was born in Alabama in 1920. She lived a full life there, attending college and working in a science lab testing explosives during WWII. In 1992, she moved to Silverthorne to be closer to her family. She still lives here and is an absolute blessing to our family. We love you, Thelma! Kelly, Matt, Keaton and Piper.”

We’re out on this Saturday, unfurling our scarves and shaking out our favorite winter layers.

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