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Special to the DailyKaren and Bert Cook say this bucolic waterfront property in Florida isnt really supposed to be this way the flooding is the result of the lightly publicized Hurricane Fay.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column grateful those monstrous red blobs rotating over the ocean on TV wont be overtopping Dillon Dam.In the past few months, weve contemplated an array of dam attack scenarios and whether a veritable human threat exists to our water restraints. Last year, we discussed waterboarding as a possible threat to the Constitution. And lately were hearing about bears stuck treading water where polar ice has melted. Its a wonder the myriad means for water in many forms to disrupt and devastate. And if Al Gore and T. Boone Pickens dont save the day, our fine county could conceivably be one of a few areas with bears not bobbing for food.But before you get steamed and buy a Butt Bobber for your Bubba in Alabama, bear in mind that water continues to be a treasured resource. The 2009 Farmers Almanac is predicting a colder winter with below-average snowfall for lower mountain states like Colorado and Utah. So the last winters super snow surplus may be the last for the foreseeable future, which means less fresh water.If certain cheeky politicians have their way, our water rights could be washed downstream, fading Colorful Colorado.News like Denver Water considering a rate increase of more than half further emphasizes the value of H2O. It will, however, remain much cheaper than gasoline unless were discussing bottled water, which were not.If were going to pay to drink something out of a bottle, it had better have several tablespoons of sugar and a bright color. Fermentations are an exception.Then again, maybe popular beverage formulae contain the code to our survival: Take Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator coined by Mike Judge in the film, Idiocracy.The futuristic community consumed bright green Brawndo in place of tap water. They even used it to irrigate vegetation. And our experience has been that a hearty dose of caffeine is the first step to solving any problem. If it has electrolytes too, its got to be the empowering and refreshing alternative we seek.***Plus waters colorless, low on flavor and dangerous. Just look what it did to these readers home…Hurricane Fay flooded Karen and Bert Cooks neighborhood in DeBary, Fla., (about 20 miles southwest of Daytona Beach) with 20 inches of rain in a few days. The part-time Summit County residents say theyve heard enough about highly-publicized Gustav. (Fays) devastation did not make the national news, and the people in DeBary are not demanding government help. They do need help, though! the couple writes.Considering the damaging capabilities of Earth water, we wonder whether Martian water is any less potent or more beneficial. ***Scientists are so focused on whether it can sustain life that perhaps they havent bothered to try a sip. If its good stuff we could set up an interplanetary import operation without having to worry about the pesky inhabitants trying to get a piece of the pie.That is, provided theyre not procreating beneath the red crust in a subterranean sea, waiting for our drills to penetrate so they can infiltrate our ranks and take over.But enough about Mars and whether its not just a big frozen money pit. Our own planets still inhabitable and teeming with life, and theres more than enough desalinized water to go around.Meanwhile its Thursday, and were deciding what flavor of Steven Seagals Lightning Bolt Energy Drinks we want to imbibe.

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