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Special to the DailyMichele George says this moose, photographed late last month, has become a regular member of the Raven golf club in Silverthorne. Reminder: If your ball lands near him, it's best to take the penalty and a drop.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column throwing a little red challenge flag to qualify yesterday’s yellow football protest.

From this sideline, the call looks a bit off; commercials aren’t American football’s “most redeeming thing.”

Ratings-wise, it’s been a lifetime since the World Series outscored the Super Bowl.

With more folks in the 21st century interested in America’s game, the onslaught of wacky commercials is a side effect ” hardly a means for redemption.

We will note that Tom Landry, known for coaching the Dallas Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins and several conference championships, happens to have played for the New York Yankees.*

He said it best: “Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.”

Much as we like to see a little white ball get whacked out of the park, the sheer intensity, danger and adrenaline integral to the game of American football seems to release more of those endorphins we so much enjoy.

There’s more at stake ” even this early in the season.

Just ask Tom Brady or Vince Young. Even tough guys get hurt.


Readers Jim and Deb Byers sent this response to Wednesday’s blurble: “If you don’t like football, don’t watch it. And please don’t write about it in your column any more.”


Clearly there’s an emotional attachment to the sport deeper than gridiron cliches.

But we’re not taking back our critical witticisms.

It’s important to incite discussion.

Without our teams running it up the middle on third-and-eight, we’d likely see fewer “Hail Marys” on fourth-and-nine.

And when Terrell Owens slam-jams the ball through the uprights Michael Jordan-style after a touchdown, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit to being tickled pink.

It’s a full-contact sport, and passion is central to success.

These guys are also super-agile, with moves rivaling dancers and acrobats. It’s a wonder the sport hasn’t caught on in places like Europe and Asia.

But this is the United States, and football is as much a part of our lives as pork rinds and the military-industrial complex.

It’s Thursday, and we’re resting our vocal chords for Saturday so we can scream at the television when Ohio State faces USC. Go Trojans!

* New York Yankees of the All-American Football Conference

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