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Special to the DailyCindi and Matt Krane's cat, Weezie snuck out of their home on Moonstone Road Sept. 26. If you have seen her or have her call (970) 445-8414 or (970) 470-2299.

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column improving our circulation and peace of mind in nearly-scalding water.

These cooler nights sure make it difficult to get up in the morning, especially when we sleep with the window cracked. But it feels good to hibernate this time of year.

When awakened to our Knight Rider-themed (1980s version) alarm tone, we dread emerging from the warm envelope of blankets and pillows, dropping our feet to a cold wood floor.

We stumble into the bathroom and stare into the mirror for a while, contemplating whether to shave. We flip on the shower to “hot” and the room fills with steam.

Were it not for these precious moments we spend with our face under the invigorating shower, it’d likely take an extra two or three cups of coffee to emerge from the groggy morning daze. And our teeth are too tinted as it is.

A winning combo of heat, steam, a tingly conditioner and exfoliating facial scrub prepare us to emerge from our humble mountainside abode ready for action.

This is a ritual we enjoy and take for granted nearly as much as the mandatory grapefruit and peanut-butter toast that follow. Sometimes we’ll catch an earful of morning news, but lately we find listening to Icelandic ambience to be more rewarding.

After a day in the field, we frequently return to the bathroom to unwind.

We don’t know about you, but we, on occasion, enjoy sharing our bubbles with our significant others, and we know we’re not alone.

And since we don’t live in a fancy McMansion with a deluxe jetted tub, we have one of those standard tubs, with the faucet at one end. What this means is that one person essentially sits with a big metal spigot stabbing uncomfortably in his or her back. This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible to enjoy the desired ambience we work so hard to create with scented candles, wine and soft music.

Not only that, it means there’s a good chance that person will lean back against the drain handle, thus inadvertently opening the plug, which in turn means re-filling the tub, remixing the water to achieve the optimal temperature and using more precious bubbles to keep things the way they’re supposed to be.

We’ve seen a few tubs in our day that have the faucet and spigot in the middle, which works out great. But far too many standard-issue tubs, in our humble opinion, are design-challenged. Is there a good reason for this? Is it the Puritan ethic that’s imbued in so much of American culture that says bathing is a solo endeavor, something to be done quickly, purely for utilitarian purposes? Is it too much to ask of architects, builders, designers and plumbers to think about these little details? We think not!

We say all citizens should stand up for their right to tandem-bathe in comfort, without having to invest thousands of dollars for a major bathroom remodel. Send us an e-mail at and let us know what you think, and while you’re at it, we’d like to see a picture of your favorite rubber ducky.

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