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Special to the Daily/Richard WarrenRichard Warren sent in this panoramic photo of the Gore Range taken Thursday evening. "The sunset came and left quickly," and I only had a few minutes to grab my camera and take a couple photos," he wrote. Nice shooting, there, Tex!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column wishing that the world would adopt a global monetary system that crosses all boundaries, ethnicities and religion.

Why? Because we are seriously confused about conversion rates, the global economy and the current meltdown in world markets.

OK, lately it seems that you either you have dough or you don’t. And it doesn’t matter if its dollars, kroners, pesos or the pound … The volatility of markets across the board are clearly an issue.

Iceland’s three major banks are now under government control; Russia’s stock markets have suffered as oil prices moved under $70 a barrel; the Bank of England has introduced new emergency borrowing facilities for banks; Hong Kong predicts a deficit this year as the local economy slows …

We won’t even get into the U.S. meltdown of late. Worries about global recession are on every news channel, every newspaper, on everyone’s lips …

So, we propose that the world bands together to fight the economic downturn with a new plan ” one currency! We’ll call it the … unity! We’ll start all over!

Economic downturn? Never heard of it. With the unity, the world will be free from current trouble because, joined as one force, one money … Countries will live in harmony and trade amongst each other with big smiles.

Impossible!, readers are saying. And it just might be … But, let us live in a fantasy where money grows on trees and the rivers of the world aren’t polluted with harmful chemicals.

Look, we’re not saying that money should be done away with, but why is it such a fantastical thought that one global currency could work? Sure, the conversion of all monies to the unity would be something of a mess (and it would take a bazillion years … just like the proposed monorail), but we believe that the unity would be a new start, like a trip to Tuscany after a divorce.

Sometimes bad ideas are the best kind.


And now we’d like to send out an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! to some honest Summit County folks.

Tawnya wrote: “I would like to thank the young ladies in Frisco who found my little blue wallet and promptly returned it to the Breckenridge police dept. who then returned it to me. All contents intact. Thank You ladies and thank you Breckenridge police!! You are all angels! (Another reason to love Summit County). Much appreciated.”

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