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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that could have an awful time on the mountain on a powder day and end up leaving early.We got up early. If you had seen what a time the field agents had pulling our hair, jumping on the mattress and sending dogs and all sorts of other animals bounding over us and putting paws in private places animals should never step, you’d know what a feat that was.We got dressed. We got in the car. We parked at the resort (within walking distance of the lift!). We even got in line before the chair was running. We raced under the rope with all the other powder-hounds hungry for face-shot action. We rode up, got off the chair and made sure everything was strapped, buckled, zipped and in place.And then we just stuck there, like a big fat thigh on a vinyl station wagon backseat at high noon in July.Remember, kiddos, that blue, spring-day wax you throw on for the unseasonably warm weather might come back to haunt you should it actually snow in January.***When Dillon’s Mike Cafiero isn’t writing letters to the paper that get turned in to Summit Up columns, he’s cooking. Or so we’d infer.”Cooking has been a family tradition of ours for a long-ass time. And it’s usually the men in the family who do most of it,” Mike wrote in a recent letter.Mike was kind enough to include a few recipes which he wanted us to share … so we will.”(My grandfather) used to make a special breakfast for me called the “Hoinken Doinken.’ … He’d cook an egg sunny side up and make toast. The secret, however, is in the middle of the toast, he would take a small glass and press the rim against the toast, right in the middle, punching out a yolk-sized hole. He would then proceed to place the toast over the egg, with the hole over the yolk. It’s not over yet … before making the Hoinken Doinken, he would put a number on the bottom of the plate. So you must eat all of your breakfast, or you can’t look for the number. When you get the number, he looks at his surprise list and finds a match. I have always been suspicious that the “list’ is phony and he only has one surprise, because it never changes: a little bag of M&Ms. I sure love Hoinken Doinkens!”With chocolate candies for breakfast, we wonder about Mike’s teeth. Then there’s these recipes:”I made my own omelette called the “Back Seat Omelette.’ Basically, I make an omelette and organize it using toast halves to make it resemble that of a back seat of a car. Another one of my favorites, I call the “Love ’em, Shove ’em’… Basically, it’s a breakfast burrito, but a little more complicated.”Ooh, we love mystery. Except when Mike writes, “Please, come to my home. I will make you breakfast.” Every time we tried that line in college it got us suspended and put in counseling in classes.***Here’s the kind of Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! we just don’t hear enough. Mike called and said he went out to work the other morning and discovered his sports car – a prize he never drives and keeps tucked away in the parking lot so it doesn’t get dinged – got smashed into. It was turned completely sideways, he told us. To his surprise, however, the driver who hit his car had left a note. Turns out it was the plow driver.”They actually left a note!” Mike exclaimed. “I called and they’re going to take care of it. It happened at 3 a.m. Nobody would have ever known who did it, but they left a note. I think they deserve a big Angel Alert!!”Justly so. We won’t attach any points to the driver’s karmic license, and we won’t even hike his karmic insurance rates, either.***It’s Thursday, so shake your groove thang (yeah, yeah). Then send your favorite breakfast recipe to, fax at (970) 668-0755 or just record the sound of raisins dropping in your oatmeal on the voicemail at (970) 668-3998, ext. 237.We’re out looking for a rock to scrape off this wax …

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