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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column here to help you out with your Mother’s Day gifts.

You did remember that today is Mother’s Day, didn’t you? Well, if not, that’s OK. The thing about moms, unlike dads, is you don’t have to go to the store for big-dollar items. Mom appreciates the sentiment and the effort that comes with homemade tokens of your appreciation. If she doesn’t, then she was lying to us about how much she loved all those finger-paintings of ours she hung up on the refrigerator. But that was Thursday, and she could have changed her mind already, we guess. Dad, on the other hand, isn’t as likely to love your elbow macaroni sculpture of his likeness.

But, anyway, here we are, the morning of Mother’s Day and you’re scrambling to think of something to give her. Here’s a list of suggestions:

n Get some yarn and a paper clip. If you don’t have yarn, just fray an old shoelace. Wrap the yarn around one end of the paper clip to make a nice tote-strap and, voila, you have an anti-snore pincer she can slip on dad’s nose for those nights he does his Darth Vader impression.

n Rummage through a desk or that drawer in your kitchen with all the pens and phone message pads until you find a pad of Post-Its. On each one, write “I told you so.” Nobody likes to hear it, but sometimes it must be said – especially by mom. This way, she can just leave the “I told you so” Post-It in an appropriate place and avoid those unpleasant “don’t lecture me” discussions.

n Clean your room. Then clean the oven. Then the inside of the refrigerator. After that, do all the laundry in the house. Cook a three-course meal for everyone who lives there. Go to work. Pick up your siblings from soccer practice. Go home, rinse and repeat. That’s not the gift, though. The gift is, at the end of the day, when you ask her, “How do you do all that?”

n Dress up in all her clothes. Put on her make-up. Sing a number of your choice from “Cats” or “Rent” while dancing in front of her mirror. Oops. Sorry, that was supposed to be on our to-do list.

n Those of you whose mothers live out of town won’t get much help from the above, so we have a special suggestion: Pay for the phone call yourself this time. Collect calls just don’t say “I love you” like they used to.

We hope that helps.


Stephanie called to say summer has officially arrived in Summit Up Land. She knows this because a skinny little ruby-throated hummingbird showed up in her yard four days ago.

“He looks pretty slim from his long journey,” Stephanie told us. “But I’ll fatten him up with a nice sugar solution.”

Not if we drink it all first, ha-ha!


License Plate of the Day: We saw a truck gassing up in Frisco with a vanity plate that read, “RTLNHUM.” We weren’t sure if this was expressing an affection for the U2 album of the same name, or just the condition of the vehicle. Either way, we thought it was unique.


Here’s some Congrats! to top off your Sunday: Jennifer Ashley Colpitts, of Breckenridge, will be receiving her master’s degree from Bowling Green State University (that’s Ohio, not Kentucky, by the way, and the alma mater of our Avs’ Mr. Blake). And, the National Youth Leadership Forum has honored Summit High teacher Joel Hecht for his work in encouraging students to pursue their career interests.

Good job, both of you.


Enjoy your Sunday. This one’s for all the great moms out there – our moms, your moms, Mother Teresa, Mama Cass … oh, the list goes on. We’re out buying flowers …

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