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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column trying to find enjoyment in the gym experience. Maybe were simply not one of those people. You know, those people that cant wait to get out on the treadmill and sweat out the days frustrations, or pump some iron while eyeing their flexing biceps. No, if anything, the gym kind of frightens us. The machinery is complicated, the air is stale, no one talks and the magazines are always way out of date. Okay, we know, were whining. Its not so much the gym itself, but rather the entire process that makes us drag our feet. Self-motivation has always been a real issue for us, so needless to say getting there is a daily (eh, more like weekly) struggle. The hardest part of going to the gym is always just getting out of the car. Ok, time to do this, lets give it a solid hour and a half and then head home.But, for some reason our sense of time is completely knocked out of balance once we lace up our running shoes, and the hours dont exactly fly by during our workout. Once we sit our butt down on the bike were anxiously watching the seconds tick by until we can get off. We try distracting ourselves with magazines and music, but for some reason our eyes are constantly transfixed on the glowing digital clock that haunts us.We will admit though that one of the better ways to pass the time in the gym is to people watch. Theres the guy on the treadmill that can barely breath but still has enough energy to have a 20-minute conversation on his cell phone. The woman with the arm-band tattoo that always wear sunglasses, inside. The elderly couple that walks around the track arm-in-arm as if they were simply strolling through the park in the spring time. *** We interrupt this Summit Up to bring you a Scum Alert!!, Scum Alert!! from Leah, whos seriously bummed after falling victim to a hit-and-run last week:Unfortunately have a scum alert for you Thanks to whoever backed into the front end of my Saab on Wednesday night at the Keystone employee dinner. I really appreciate you denting my hood, splitting my grill, busting off my deer whistle, and shattering my headlight (how’d you know picking up shards of glass in the dark is one of my favorite pastimes?) before driving off unknown. I’m especially fond of the lovely new red streaks across the front. Just remember, Karma comes around. ***Here at the Corporate Suites, we take karma very seriously, so were sending all our ju-ju to you, Leah, hoping that the culprit will come foreward and beg for forgiveness. We like to get the good karma energy flowing again so from the bad to the good. We wanted to include this farewell note we recently recieved from the Longballa family:Many thanks to all of our faithful and caring clients these past 18 years with our Farmers Insurance Agency. We have now retired and will move on to new vistas but will keep you in our hearts always! Gary, Darlene, and Michael Longballa.Man, retirement sounds like a pretty good deal, and were jealous that we are still decades away from even thinking about it. ***And last but certainly not least, we have a shout-out! here from Breckenridge resident Mary Lou Johns to a bunch of generous Breck businesses.The Senior Games are coming up and I volunteered to solicit donations from Breckenridge merchants. I assumed that this would be a tough job lots of nos and references to a down economy. Was I ever pleasantly surprised to get a friendly, warm, and generous response from every shop I entered! Here’s a shout-out to all who contributed door prizes: A Hearts Delight, Briar Rose, Carvers Ski & Snowboard, City Liquors, Daylight Donuts, J&M Jewelry, Laser Graphics, Mountain Angler, Petal & Bean, Ready, Paint, Fire, Reversage, Salt Creek Steakhouse, Shirt & Ernies, Steak & Rib, The Fall Line, Twisted Pine, Webers Books & Prints and Women of Watercolor.You are truly angels and the 28th annual Sr. Winter Games will be even more fun because of your enormous community spirit! Shop these Breckenridge stores and be sure to thank their owners for their generosity.***Its Monday, and were at the gym pretending we want to be there.

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