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Special to the Daily/Ruth DrewRuth Drew was moved to send us a photo of a neighborhood ski hill in Wisconsin after reading a riff on the Cheese State a few days ago. One staffer here noted that the hill to his parking lot is higher and steeper but doesn't have THREE chairlifts to it!

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that is simultaneously mourning the end of and era and celebrating a new beginning.

We are, of course, referring to the Summit Up logo at the top of this very page. Observant readers will note that, starting today, the eyeball that has so long been part of our little Summit Up universe has disappeared.

Millions of Summit Up Readers: “Well, of course we noticed. In fact, we nearly choked on our Wheaties this morning when we flipped open the paper and noticed that the eyeball was missing. What gives?”

Summit Up: Like we said, it’s the end of an era. But please, stay with us. Change is good.

MSUR: “But we LOVE that eyeball. It’s like they say ” eyes are the windows to the soul, and every time we looked at that eyeball, we felt like we were able to look right into the soul of the author, helping us to understand the deep, philosophical implications of this profound, yet light-hearted daily look at Summit County.”

SU: Yes, well … we kinda feel the same way. It’s such a mystical and poignant logo. We asked around to find out if anyone knew whose eyeball that is, but nobody has a clue. All we could find out was that the mysterious eye likely belongs to a former Corporate Suites staffer, but we’re not even sure if it was a male or female. And we know that the eye tells stories of salt-laden camel caravans crossing the Sahel, of three-masted schooners transporting barrels of Jamaican rum across the Atlantic, of monkeys dressed in three-piece blazers, juggling flaming batons while riding unicycles, of …

MSUR: “Wait a minute. You can see all THAT just from looking at a fuzzy black and white photo of an eyeball? We’re impressed, at least by your imagination.”

SU: No, really, that eye tells a world of stories, and part of us hates to see it go, but we’re OK with changing our logo. Just think, that logo dates back to not only the past century but an earlier millennium. That’s old, baby, that’s OLD.

MSUR: “So what’s the plan? How ’bout a snazzy image of a three-headed, fire-breathing lizard? That would be cool.”

SU: Hmmm, we like that, but it’s not our call. But we’re happy to pass along your suggestions to the powers-that-be, so if you come up with any other good ideas out there in Summit Up Land, by all means, fire off an e-mail to


We also heard from Ruth Drew, who said she enjoyed a recent blurb about Wisconsin and provided us with these geographical tidbits:

“I enjoyed reading Summit Up today about your memories of Wisconsin. I am originally from Winthrop Harbor, Ill. It is the furthest northeast you can get in Illinois, about a mile from Wisconsin and right on Lake Michigan. I have fond memories of taking family vacations in Wisconsin every summer. We’d load up our old station wagon and head to a rented cabin on a lake for a week. Great fun. Being the youngest of 4, I always sat in the ‘way back’ until I’d puke from car sickness.

“Another cool thing I did in Wisconsin is ski for the first time, if you want to call it that. Attached are some photos I took of Wilmot Mountain, in southwestern Wisconsin this past December. It seemed so big to me when I’d ski it in high school. I thought you’d get a kick out of seeing what they refer to as a mountain! I remember it as being an ice hill.”

And to top it off, Ruth sent us a picture of Wilmot Mountain, which actually looks like a pretty cool ski hill. Check it out, somewhere on this page. We think small neighborhood ski hills rock.

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