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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the worlds only daily column wondering if a Blackberry is a proper toy for wee ones.We recently read that toddlers will be able to compulsively text and type like their parents on a miniature digital assistant made by LeapFrog: the Text & Learn. We dont personally have a crackberry, but weve seen many addicts poured over their personal assistants checking e-mail, shopping online and constantly checking in with work.Proponents likely will argue that making toddlers technical gurus will help them later on in life. The world will only move forward with dependence on techy gadgets, and we might as well set our children up for success. This argument will be uttered by many parents who already have their 8-year-olds on college fast tracks, including math tutors after school. This is the responsible mindset. We see why parents do it, too. The world seems even more competitive for kids now, and thats hard to believe, since we were a teenager only a decade ago. We understand that even kids in elementary school feel pressure to get into a good college. The pressure is real. Its hard, and families start young to ensure fruitful lives. But, think about it this way: Most of the time spent on the phone, texting or on the Internet doesnt spark the imagination. In fact, its sorta mindless time we waste when were supposed to be doing something else. Do we really want to set our kids up to read about inane things like Jessica Simpsons weight gain instead of making a tree fort or playing hide and seek?The Internet is an awesome invention that tickled everybodys imaginations when it first could be used by the public. But, now we look at it like a beautiful virus that sucks up our time and makes us knowledgeable about stupid things. Yes, its made us smarter because the answer to any question is at the tip of our fingers. But, we think its made us lazy, too. Its far to easy to get information now and we dont have to work for it, search for it or seek out someone smarter. The gadget is set for sale in summer, and its recommended for ages 3 and up. Its designed to teach spelling and computer skills. It doesnt connect to the Internet (thank goodnes!) but it allows kids to text, play games and navigate with arrow keys.Though parents constantly are pulling their devices out of their kids hands (and mouths), we think a Blackberry is an adult toy that should stay in our hands and out of our childrens.Shouldnt kids be read Good Night, Moon at bedtime or play house with dolls? Is a Blackberry toy really necessary? You be the judge. E-mail us at and tell us what you think.***In other news, Dick Rozehnal, a Coloradan since 1962, sent this poem to the Summit Up people from Wisconsin.Wisconsin POEM FOR YOUIts winter in WisconsinAnd the gentle breezes blowSeventy miles an hourAt twenty-five below.Oh, how I love WisconsinWhen the snows up to your buttYou take a breath of winterAnd your nose gets frozen shut.Yes, the weather here is wonderfulSo I guess Ill hang aroundI could never leave WisconsinCause I’m frozen to the ground!***OK, for all you hard-core worker-outers, we have a note here from Elevation Fitness, the cool health club in Dillon. Apparently the club is now open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Want to get some cardio in at 3 a.m. Christmas Day? No problem. Bench presses at midnight on Arbor Day? Go for it.Elevation has all kinds of equipment, free weights and a mellower scene than at the big rec centers. Check it out in downtown Dillon at 123 Main Street, or call (970) 468-7597.***Were out on this Valentines Day, hoping that we get one.

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