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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that likes any story where Jack Russell terriers and moose come together. This is a result of a recent photo we ran in Summit Up showing a gi-normous moose chillin’ in someone’s backyard. Gary R. Schaecher picks up the tale from here:

Darwin can verify bull moose pictured yesterday was intimidating!

In your Feb. 11. issue under Summit Up there was a picture of a bull moose taken early in the morning in Silverthorne. Related to what was probably that same moose pictured, was the trampling of our dog at 6 a.m. by a moose 10 feet outside our back door on Willowbrook Drive in Silverthorne.

My wife had tied our small Jack Russell, Darwin, to a 20-foot lead like we do each morning, to allow our dog to perform his constitutional. He is normally not outside more than five minutes. Two minutes after attaching him to the cable in the dark, we heard him bark twice followed by howling and screaming for his life. When my wife opened the door, a large moose walked by from behind the house heading east toward the pump station on Willowbrook. She gathered up our 12-pound dog and found his right shoulder to be smashed badly. There was a bleeding puncture wound, and it looked as if the shoulder might be dislocated.

We called Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital and were told they would meet us there at 8 a.m. By then, Darwin had settled down, but couldn’t walk. We checked him out and it seemed he could wait an hour-and-a-half.

Darwin was lucky! After sedating him and putting him out, X-rays revealed he had no internal damages or broken bones. A drain was put in the wound and pain meds administered. He is limping around today with a newly gained respect for going out in the morning. We have also changed his routine to include a human sentry accompanying him each morning and a quick peek in the dark to make sure no other intimidating beast is lurking in the shadows to attack our pet. Be this a word of warning to all those pet owners who just open the door and let their pets fend for themselves in the morning darkness in Summit County. If the sadness of our injured pet doesn’t change your routines, maybe the expenses of patching up a loved one will.

Wow! We’re happy to hear Darwin is OK. We wonder, though, if there was some ulterior motive ” like perhaps this moose was a member of the Kansas State School Board or Focus on the Family or one of those kinda groups?

Ya never know.


From the random folder: Crazed Chimp would not be a bad name for a ska band. We do, however, feel sorry for the women in Connecticut attacked by the crazed chimp, who was then shot by police. But seriously, though, what were these people thinking have a 200-pound chimp for a pet? For one thing, that’s a helluva litterbox, and for another, doesn’t everyone know that chimps have blackness in their hearts? Haven’t these chimp owners seen The Wizard of Oz or any of the many scary-chimp B-movies ” the names of which we can’t recall ” made over the years?


So we were thinking of changing the name of the Silverthorne-Dillon traffic-light and shopping area from “Dilverthorne” to “Diltacothorne” or “Dilburritothorne” since there are now three ” count ’em, three! ” giant burrito places: Chimayo, Qdoba and Chipotle. They’re all pretty good, but it’s hard to say which is the best or what the fundamental differences are (although we think Chimayo is the only one with fish tacos, which are excellent ” and only 5 bucks on Wednesdays).

Anyway, you be the judge.

We out.

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