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Special to the Daily/kwetherbee

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column aimlessly staring. Yep, just staring.

We’re not really daydreaming, per say. That would require at least a modicum of cranial activity.

Nope, we’re simply staring our life away, trying not to scare people.


You may notice a photo to the right of this column. It’s a reader-submitted photo that we’ve been trying to run for months, but just can’t seem to find the right space. Until now.


We have an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! Nancy Robbins of Breckenridge called to tell us that she broke her eyeglasses earlier this week, a day before she was headed to Chicago to help her twin grandchildren, Grace and Michael, celebrate their sixth birthday.

“The frames were bent, and the lens fell out. I don’t have any other glasses, and I was going to have to drive down the mountain,” she said. Robbins brought the damaged spectacles to Mike at Custom Eyes, and in a short period, he had the glasses back in shape and ready for her important journey.

“Otherwise, I would have had to tape it with Scotch tape, and it would not have worked,” she said.

Mike, we’re bending a halo for ya!


We out on this fine Friday morning, staring at the wall.

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