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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column confused about the utility of fabric softener.

The few people who know our true identity know that we are terribly inadequate when it comes to doing our laundry.

We’ve already expounded upon the tedious process in a previous Summit Up column (perhaps you’ve read it), but we’ll reiterate that we hate it beyond practically every chore assigned to us by default because we are unfortunately adult.

We hate it mostly because we no longer have a washing machine and dryer in our apartment … for reasons that are our fault. But, we digress.

Back to fabric softener. On Monday, we realized that, for the past month, we’ve been washing our clothes with fabric softener only.

“What does this mean?” we asked ourselves as we stared at the bottle, our brow knitted in confusion.

So, now we find ourselves in work on our day off as our clothes swish swash at the laundromat down the street, researching the difference between laundry detergent and fabric softener.

A fellow Summit Daily reporter told us that detergent cleans, while fabric softener softens.

So, basically we’ve been washing our clothes in perfumed moisturizer. Well, that’s cool.

And we Googled it. Apparently fabric softener (also called fabric conditioner) is used to prevent static cling and make fabric softer. It is available as a liquid or as dryer sheets.

Laundry detergent is the cleaning agent that is added when washing laundry to get everything cleaner.

In our defense, our clothes have been coming out smelling fresh and looking clean! We didn’t even know the difference. We’re guessing the water part of the process had something to do with it.

And we’re feeling quite silly. But, it’s really not our fault, you see. The words on the bottle were ever so small.

This may actually point to another inadequacy on our part: Bad eyesight.

It’s quite possible we may need to get our eyes checked, sooner than later.


In other news, the Summit Daily News has received an Angel Alert!! Angel Alert!! from Breck local Amanda Foley. She said:

Hi there, I know you get slammed with a million angel, scum, silly, etc.- alerts, so to have mine be heard and printed is just tremendous. I can’t tell you how important and meaningful it is to me that I can write my local paper and ask them to thank someone or scorn someone (haha), and you listen and care and get the message out.

It is invaluable in a small community and keeps us all even more tight-knit. THANK YOU. I really appreciate you putting my angel alert in the paper. I love the Summit Daily and especially ‘Summit Up.’

You guys rock! Thanks again, and I hope YOU get some good karma from all the good deeds you do. Have an excellent day and week and weekend.

Thanks, Amanda! You just made our day.


We’re out on this lovely Saturday, skiing our biscuits off at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

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