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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the safe return of a misplaced Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120 point-and-shoot camera.

It was last seen Saturday morning in the parking lot at Carter Park in Breckenridge.

The reward is limited-edition Summit Daily hoodie and an opportunity for a free day of skiing or riding with a real Summit Daily reporter at any Summit County ski area.

We’ll throw in a cold beer if you’re over 21.

The pictures on the silver-colored digital camera include awkward shots of Summit Daily employees, a monoskier and people in social settings.

The camera should be in a black, zip-up case. If you happened to find and are planning to keep our property for your personal pleasure, please bear in mind that karma is going to get you.


If you happen to see someone in public using a silver Sony Cyber-shot, we recommend you stop them for some casual conversation.

Say perhaps something about the weather ” before going in for the kill.

Demand: “Where did you get this camera?”

If they say they found it in a parking lot near Carter Park, refer them to the Summit Daily News at once, and inform them of the reward.

If it’s any other response, watch the eyeballs.

Even the slightest glance to the upper left could signify a blatant lie.

And if it comes to that, don’t hesitate to yank the camera from the hand, shake a finger at them and walk away.

Remember: “Suspicion breeds confidence.”

That’s a quote from “Brazil,” a futuristic film from the 80s that represents our future.

The more people go around picking up cameras and not returning them, the lesser the distance between present day and a world where the “information police” could drop a fire pole through your ceiling and make you disappear for even tinkering with the thought of taking someone else’s stuff.

Not to mention the inhumane torture that awaits the perpetrator.


If you have any information leading to the return of this camera, please call 970-668-4628 or


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