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Susan Whitcomb celebrates her selection into the Medicare Club and 20 years as a full-time Breckenridge resident. 

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that finally fell off our ball.


Well, we recently wrote a tribute to sitting on a bouncy exercise ball. We bounce when we’re mad, we bounce when we’re sad, we bounce when we’re hot (as in good looking), we bounce when we’re not (as in scuzzy because we just rolled out of bed) … you get the drift.

We’ve been sitting on this ball off and on for two years ” shocking, we know ” and we’d like to report that it finally happened.

MSUR: What happened, you goof?

We fell off our ball. And we feel so betrayed. It’s always been so loyal and supportive.

MSUR: So, what happened?

We were typing away, minding our own business, when all of a sudden the ball simply rolled out from under our biscuit.

It happened so quickly, and fluidly, that we didn’t realize what happened at first. One moment, we were sitting, and the next we were hanging onto our desk by our fingertips, our rear end floating in the air. We sat on nothing for a few seconds and then toppled over to a copy editor’s glee.

“You fell off your ball!” he chortled. “What I wouldn’t do for a photo of THAT.”

We still love our ball though. It’s naughty, and we like it. Its springy, longevity is a great comfort and, eh, we just wanted to share.


In other (unrelated) news, apparently there’s another nut scare ” a blanket federal warning against eating pistachios is in effect because contaminated raw nuts got mixed with roasted nuts during processing.

Of all food, why is it that various nuts are causing salmonella poisoning? It seems so unlikely.


And, in other (uplifting) news, this column doesn’t suck.

Mary from Frisco wrote: Hi Summit Up, Just wanted to chime in to tell you … you don’t suck! With all the gloom and doom in the news these days, it’s nice to begin the day with a bit of silliness. I enjoy a good chuckle in the morning and with Summit Up you never know what to expect. I also like the Angel and Scum Alerts …you won’t find those in the Denver Post. Keep up the good work … I think there’s enough of us out here who read the column.

GettingSmarter wrote: Don’t you pay a single bit of attention to that person who wrote a negative comment about Summit Up. We look forward to reading it every year when we come to Copper to ski. We think it has a lot of heart, and we can follow what’s said when we’re in Summit County as well as when we e-read it from our state way out East.


Bounce. Bounce. Splat.

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