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Special to the DailyAlert reader Kim Fenske snapped this shot of what he says are lynx tracks in the Holy Cross Wilderness. What say all you track experts " lynx or not?

Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that’s feeling kinda icy and kinda melty.

Why, you might be wondering, whatever might they be talking about? We’re talking about the Rotary Ice Melt Contest, of course! Yes, folks, it’s that time of year: This Saturday, intrepid Summit County Sheriff John Minor will be out on the special sheriff’s hovercraft (and no, we are not fabricating this information: our sheriff’s office actually owns a hovercraft, leading us to wonder when John will get a jet pack, a funny car and/or a mini-sub) to place the ice device.

MILLIONS OF SUMMIT UP READERS: Cool! What’s an ice device and what should we do about it?

SU: We’re glad you asked. The ice device is this thing that will record the exact day and time that the ice on the lake thaws enough for it to drop in the water. What you should do is find the closest Rotary member you can and buy tickets for the contest, which are only 2 bucks per guess/ticket. You can win $2,000 in fresh U.S. salad if you are the closest guesser.

MSUR: Golly, that sounds swell. Not sure if we know a Rotary member though, hmmm …

SU: No problemo! We just so happen to have a butt-load of Ice Melt tickets right here at the Summit Up Central Corporate Suites. Jusk ask the helpful folks at our front desk and they will hook you up.

MSUR: Ya’ll are lifesavers!


Speaking of lifesavers, we know these are thin times economically (as we type, we are also pedaling a special bicycle to power our computer), and the folks at The Mint in Silverthorne can feel your pain. That’s why they’re bringing back the famous Mint Locals’ Night where you can get a steak for only $2.99. You can get other stuff for that price, too, like chickent, fish and shrimp kabobs.

This is a popular event that fills up, so plan ahead for the next two Locals’ Nights: April 15 and 22. Get thee to The Mint!


OK, we have a Smarty Pants Alert! going out today to Stephanie Fowler of Frisco. Stephanie is currently attending Hope College, and she was just elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

Congrats, Stephanie! Nice work! Woo-hoo!

MSUR: We’ve always wanted to ask this: What the hell is Phi Beta Kappa?

SU: Glad you asked. It is the nation’s oldest scholastic honorary society. So it sounds kinda like the National Honors Society, only for college students.

MSUR: Next question: Where is Hope College?

SU: It’s in Holland, Michigan, which is near Lake Michigan sorta near Grand Rapids. Who knew?


Finally, today we have to note that the big Final Four basketball thing is finally over and some guys called Tar Heels apparently won.

Personally, we pay about as much attention to this as we would the Women’s Mahjongg Tournament in Dar es Salaam, but we know a lot of people are interested in the doings of young men running back and forth stuffing an orange ball in a hoop.

We just can’t stand all that squeaking sneaker sound. But that’s just us. We out.

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