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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column that, in a lapse of judgment, thought sleeping in our car was a good idea.

This whole “bad idea” came about when a fellow reporter said he was going to camp this summer to save cash. And then another reporter said, “Oh yeah, I’ve done that a few times.”

And then we had to add our own input: “Wow, that’s neat. We could never do that though because we have too many hair products.”

To that, we got some blank, weirded-out stares.

Too many hair products? Um, yeah, that’s the reason, and we’re stickin’ to it.

It’s true ” camping for a summer wouldn’t work for us. We use mousse. We like to shower twice a day. We blow dry our hair and we straighten it. We have two different face washes. We’re totally and utterly domesticated.

We love to camp, no doubt about that. But, for months at a time? This was a challenge. And we like a dare.

The more we thought about it, the more camping for a whole summer seemed like a challenge we wanted to tackle.

It would be something to prove … to others, but more importantly to ourselves.

On a recent drive back from Denver on Interstate 70, we had this whole fantasy worked out where we’d turn our back seat and trunk-area of our Pontiac Vibe into a bedroom ” fit with a mattress pad, a sleeping bag, a small library of reading material and a headlamp.

It would be the perfect summer getaway … yeah right. Where would we go to the bathroom?

We’d spend our summer either camping in our tent or in our car at various locales, saving money all the while and showering at the gym. Being forced to shower at the gym would also force us into working out seven days a week … and we’d watch less television.

We already keep most of our shoes in our car. Why not our bed? We imagine that it could be quite comfy, and it’s quite a money saver.

Our thoughts rationalizing this actually working goes something like this:

It wouldn’t be too hard to put all “extra” stuff into storage. Yeah, we CAN live out of our Vibe. We’ll be in such good shape if we do this. No refrigerator or cable ” what a blessing! Wouldn’t it be cool to live out of our car? Yep, it’s a story we can tell our grandchildren. People do it all the time. Why not us? No reason, can’t think of one. We can rig up a mini-closet in our front seat on the passenger side, keep our toiletries in the glove compartment.

So, we called our boyfriend and asked: “Is it a terrible idea to give up our lease for the summer and camp?”

He said, without pausing: “Um, yeah.”

And our five-minute fantasy was shattered.


We’re out, choosing which face wash to use. We’re sorry.

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