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Good morning and welcome to Summit Up, the world’s only daily column fretting the massive investment we’ll face on snowboard equipment this November.

By the end of Saturday, our outfit was a mess from head to toe.

The duct tape has frayed on our 7-year-old mittens.

Our bindings have a broken clicker and one of the gas pedals has ripped off. We’ve had ’em for four winters.

The board ” a kickass K2 Nemesis we just bought in December 2006 ” has a crack in it. And P-tex has noticeably altered the graphics.

Some sort of hex must have been put on this snow-white jacket we just got a few months ago. A fancy digital camera and, as of yesterday, a notebook with our most intimate scribblings, have both disappeared on mountains.

We also bought a super snazzy helmet with audio this season. It was our most recent purchase and came with positive reviews.

But the left speaker shorted out and we took a knife to the sealed, fabric encasement hoping a bit of soldering would fix it and get the jams kicking once again.

The effort failed, and the mess we made voided the warranty, which was pretty stupid. But it’s a drag to mail something off and wait 18 weeks for it to get shipped back, possibly with a bill.


We’ve got a Scum Alert!! Scum Alert!! from Edward M. Hammett:

My bicycle was stolen in Breck on Mon. April 6th. It was my dream bike as I lived in Breck years ago and rode My ol GT up and down every pass, trail, commuted to work, lived in a tent and so forth. Bought my dream bike, came to Breck on vacation-pass holder for over 15 yrs.-and my bike was horked the night before we left.

I saved for a yr-and drooled over the bike. Please help me!

What a bummer. See video of this super nice bike at t

It says on the link there’s a $500 reward.

If you’ve got any tips, Hammett’s e-mail is


The loss of a bike can be more painful than the loss of a pet, for some.

We certainly don’t miss that boring beta fish who never did anything worth watching.

And the tarantula we used to keep next to the bed caused enough nightmares to warrant his quick, painless demise.

The bicycles in Summit County are an item of pride for many.

Here you’ll find rides like the one taken from Mr. Hammett rolling up and down the rec path, shining freshly-waxed under summer’s sun.

We’re talking super fancy forks for the front suspension, a gadget that gives odometer readings and even a seat that keeps the ole undercarriage in tune.

They’re like something Pee Wee would pedal, only lighter and with more useful stuff than streamers and a PA that looks like a lion’s face.

Speaking of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, we might suggest Mr. Hammett give the Alamo a call.

The number is (210) 225-1391.

Just don’t ask for them to look in the basement.


We have another note here from the folks at College Pro-Painters, which is apparently somewhat new to the county. Anyway, they’re involved in a home improvement giveaway contest thingy going on now through some of the local radio stations.

The idea is to listen to the radio (after you’ve read your favorite newspaper cover to cover, perusing all the ads and making a shopping list etc.) and keep an ear out for opportunities to register to win. There’s a bunch of different home-improvement services you can win, including painting by none other than the fine folks at College Pro-Painters.

If you can’t run the risk of winning a contest, you can call Dan Fasciani at College Pro-Painters at (303) 667-0541 ” or check out


Back to bicycles, we just remembered our fantastic yellow Trek is in a bad way, similar to the snowboard equipment.

So while all these great sales clearing out last year’s winter gear are offering deals on the snow-sport stuff we need, our priority is with the wheels.

Not long before they closed Boreas Pass Road where it turns to dirt last year, we were goofing around trying to do a wheelie trick.

The ensuing wipeout left our knee with a gaping hole (see Summit Up on magnesium sulfate, Dec. 10, 2008).

As we rose to collect ourselves from the painful mishap, we spotted someone approaching in the opposite direction.

Rather than look like some wussy, we jumped back on the bike and put the pedals to the metal, effectively severing the chain that had jammed in the works.

We took out the link and rode on, only to pop the chain once more on a steep incline.

This time it caught on and mangled the derailleur. Combine that with a broken odometer-gadget and holey tires, and we’re looking at another chunk of the paycheck going to recreation ” not salmon/beer.

But we can’t complain. The air is still fresh and our health is decent.

It’s Sunday, and we’re considering the purchase of a moped.

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